Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week 8/17 HM Training - Run #3 11.5K

I think I have finally returned to being a believer. :)

Today was absolutely gorgeous day for a run. It was the kind of day that it would be a crime to not go for a run. But it also makes me want to ask, where the heck have you been when I needed you for the last eight weeks?!?!!?!

The boys and I repeated yesterday's route. I had fun on it yesterday so I wanted to see if I could repeat myself on it today. :)

And I did. :) I enjoyed today's run again so I can say it's been a great three days of running for me so far. If I had any doubts about needing a recovery week last week, I definitely don't have them now. :) And yes, it really helps that the weather has been in my favour this week as well. This one-two combo was ideal. :)

It's the first time in quite awhile that I am more feeling confident about 2:20 @ Niagara Falls. This tough summer running has had me doubting my goal on Oct. 23rd, hence all the inspirational "believe" pics in my post today. Feeling more positive rather than like a crazy nut. :)

I have tomorrow as a rest day (and Kundalini yoga). I have moved my LSD from Sunday to Saturday because my sister and her family are arriving here Friday night. I've learned that it's best to get my LSD done ASAP when I have company. Because my sister, BIL, and I all have the same running schedule/program (their goal is Toronto Waterfront), I'm aware that they will be running 26K/16 miles together on Sunday. They were happy to see that their 26K fell on the weekend when they are visiting because: i) London is flat compared to Peterborough; ii) the TVP provides them with a nice asphalt surface for running as well as a change of scenery from their every day runs; and iii) "Aunt Eddy" and "Uncle Ben" can look after the kids while "Mom and Dad" take off for a few hours to run together. :)

However, I have edited my schedule so I will not be running 26K this weekend. I missed my scheduled 22.5K/14 miles last weekend in order to take a much-needed break from LSDs and to run in my 8K race. Therefore, this is the distance I am running on Saturday (my first half marathon distance since my HM last fall). I will then continue with the regular training plan. This means the 26K is hereby cancelled. This distance is too much for me on this round of HM training. I recently read an article in which the author said it was not necessary for HM'ers to run more than 23K (there wasn't a greater benefit to running more). I half agree. I agree in the sense that I am not running 26K this time around ... considering where I am at with my fitness and running level, I don't believe my training/race pace will be negatively affected by cancelling it. However, I do believe in running longer-than-goal distances for training, and I hope to be at a stronger training level by this time next year, thus enabling me to run this distance (and using this post as a woo hoo! Look what I can do now that I couldn't do then). :) This distance is also a nice segue into a marathon training base (let's not forget the title of my blog). :)

And wow! After referencing this particular post for future use, I checked to see where I was at one year ago. If I needed a reminder about how much my running has already improved this year, I could use this post. :)


  1. An awesome read Evelynne. I hear a great lift in your spirits in this post and that is good. I really like that you put in a easy week in your program they are so necessary. I just had one and it makes for a positive attitude and the chance for those legs to get some much needed rest.

    Smart idea to switch your LSD on the day and the distance. You will not harm your training at all and may just prevent an injury as well. Next year when you are stronger it will be OK. I too agree that you need to run longer that the race distance but you also have to be smart about it. You are being very smart about it.

  2. @Runnerbill - Thank you for the detailed response. I appreciate it. :) I'm not surprised that the 'lift in my spirits' is noticeable in my posts - Week #6 was a little tough. :( After having such a great Week #8, I am DEFINITELY a big believer in recovery weeks!

    I am also looking forward to tackling that 26 km in EARLY 2012 when training for my first spring half marathon. :)

    Thank you again. :)