Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week 9/17 HM Training - Run #4 LSD 20 km

Today was my LSD - 12 miles (~19.5 km). I decided to run an even 20 km, and to split my run into 4 X 5 km runs.

William Wallace and I headed out together, and it was a terrific morning for a long run. There wasn't a hot sun - it was cloudy - and the temperature was in the 20 degrees C range (70-ish degrees F). We had a heavy downpour yesterday and in the night so I put my older shoes on in expectation of getting my feet wet in puddles (didn't happen). I was very grateful for the lack of heat and humidity for this run. :)

I am very, very happy with this run, and my reasons for being happy with it have nothing to do with PBs (in fact, I was 2 minutes slower than in past runs):

Happy Reason #1:
I looked forward to this run. :) I really like not feeling overwhelmed by the distance I see on my training schedule. I didn't feel any pressure about this one at all. I headed out as if it was a regular run (even though it is clearly not a regular run for me). :) This is a very sweet feeling. I'm in awe of runners who run this distance regularly so, for me, it's very cool. :)

Happy Reason #2
This is connected to the reason I've stated above, but I am feeling very jazzed about running this distance a minimum of three times by now (I'm including the 22.5 km from last weekend in this equation). I walked/ran a 20 km distance once last year before my half marathon.* This year, I am three weeks away from my first half marathon of the year, and I am feeling the difference. I enjoy seeing this much improvement in both my ability to run this distance without needing walk breaks, and my ability to do this by July/August of this year. :)

*For clarification, I am not saying this as if this was a 'bad' thing ... I was following a first time/half marathon plan that was focused 'solely' on starting/finishing a half marathon (it was a PR just to finish). I'm still very proud/pleased that I did this. :)

Happy Reason #3
I didn't have my Garmin set to anything but 'Distance." I ran according to how I felt and checked my Garmin occasionally to see where I was at with my 'mental' breakdown of the LSD into four, equal parts. My desire was to run consistent splits and to be able to feel this consistency. I followed my training book's advice - go out slower, take longer to warm up, keep in mind that this is no longer "the" run of the week, but one of three specific runs of the week. It was good advice. :)

Happy Reason #4
While running, I "felt" that my third 5 km section was faster than the previous two. I was excited by the prospect of checking my splits and seeing a faster pace during this third section of my run.

Happy Reason #5
I knew I would start feeling more sluggish at the end of my run; this was expected since my body is still learning to adjust to this distance. However, I was hoping for a sense that this 'sluggishness' would still feel stronger than in my previous LSDs at this distance. I'm pleased with how I pushed myself through it at the end.

First 5 km:
7:45, 7:44, 7:37, 7:34, 7:29

Second 5 km:
7:32, 7:33, 7:31, 7:40, 7:42

Third 5 km:
7:37, 7:24, 7:22, 7:28, 7:40

Final 5 km:
7:23, 7:38, 7:29, 7:43, 7:42

Early to bed tonight because I am pooped after this. No run tomorrow because it's rest day, and then more-than-likely my hill workout on Tuesday.

Cheers! :)


  1. Girl, you have come so far! I am always blown away by how easy you make running seem on your blog :) Go you!

    Thanks for your lovely comments! One of the things I learnt in India was to be myself and stop wasting time caring/thinking about what other people will think of me - and it's so freeing. So if I look happy, maybe it's because of that :D

  2. What a great run you had. I can see you are getting comfortable out there and that makes a huge difference. Not looking at the distance as I chore but as something that you want to do helps as well.

    A little bit slower is OK. I have to remind my self that all the time. Focusing on running strong and proud is the best way.

    Keep up the outstanding job you are doing, you are a strong runner and bigger success is just around the corner. BRAVO

  3. I'm so happy you've had such great runs lately! I have no doubt you will hit your 2:20 goal ;)

  4. @Courtney - thanks for the encouragement! Funny how a week of great workouts feels in comparison to how I feel after a bad week - ugh!

  5. @Runnerbill - your "getting comfortable" comment really hit home. You hit the nail on the head - I was jazzed because the 20km at that speed felt comfortable and doable. Thanks for the great observation and your uplifting comments as always.

  6. @Suza - you are welcome and I love what you posted. My cousin lived in Japan for 3 years teaching ESL and when I asked him at the wedding how he was adjusting back to life here, he said, "I can't get over how entirely self-centred people are here." Sadly, this is the comment I always hear from people who spend time abroad.:(