Sunday, October 17, 2010


1:12:13 (Garmin) 1:12:43 (Official time)
Pace 7:13 min/km

Wow, what a day! :)

First, I nearly got lost driving up north to Grand Bend and arrived much later than I wanted to, but managed to have enough time to grab my bib, check my bag, and use the porta-potty. :) I hate feeling rushed! :( They started the race 15 minutes later than advertised so I think they did this on purpose, knowing that the race location was unusual and out of the way for the majority of participants (just under 600).

Second, it was the only race where I have experienced runners jostling one another to get ahead. There were several "thread-the-needle" runners and I was surprised to see runners in front of me bump shoulders. Very odd to see at a country casual fun run. :(

Third, holy hills, Batman !%@#$! I knew that I would encounter "hillier" terrain at this race, but did not expect the roller coaster ride hills all the way to the 5K turnaround. This was, by far, the most challenging 10K route I have run. I am very PROUD to say that I ran up every hill (the majority of runners in my running pace zone were walking them). I pumped my arms, I leaned forward, and I focused on closer landmarks to detract from how far away from the top I was ... I couldn't believe how many times I had do that!! :) I was a little concerned with my pace because I knew I had all those hills on the way back to run up again, too.

However, it turns out that I didn't have to worry. I am extremely pleased with my pace. Between the race two weeks ago in Stratford and the race today, I feel very, very good about my upcoming half marathon. I didn't run today with the expectation of a new PR (good thing, too, because of all those damn hills!!), but I was still surprised to see how fast I was running inbetween all those hills. I ran "strong" today and except for slowing down at the water stations (to walk while I drank, my new thing after choking on water while trying to run), I was never sluggish at any time during the run.

So! Even though today was not a PR, I am still feeling very very enthusiastic about my performance today. I received a great black s/s tech shirt as swag and I also received a black l/s Runpiker Series shirt, which is quite nice, too. I did not win any of the great draws :( which include hotel and B&B stays nor did I win any door prizes, but oh well!

Runners got a free egg sandwich and coffee. I ate one and resisted temptation to fast food it on the way home so I could fill up on a protein shake at home. I am currently reading a lot about gluten (my mother and sister have discovered that they are gluten-sensitive), and I am considering a change to my daily diet to reduce the amount of gluten and corn syrup processed foods we use regularly, but no major changes until after the half marathon!

I am going to sleep well tonight !!!!!! :)

SIDE NOTE: My sister killed her last half marathon time today - last year 1:54; this year 1:46. She is elated and should be because that is a huge shaving off her time! It was wonderful to call her cell and talk to her about her race/my race while they were driving home from Toronto. She had a GREAT race day and 1:46 is phenomenal!

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