Saturday, October 16, 2010

5K Warm-up for Tomorrow's 10K Run

Pace 7:22 min/km

Do I risk sounding like a broken record ... a gorgeous day for running with perfect weather .. gorgeous fall scenery ... great running dogs ... blah blah blah! :) I took the last two days off to fully rest for tomorrow's race. I went for a casual 5K warm-up run today and was surprised by my "faster" pace since I was just taking it easy (didn't look at my Garmin because I just ran how I felt).

Not much to report except that my sister is in Toronto tonight and will be running with 14,000 - yes, FOURTEEN THOUSAND people tomorrow! I am running with several hundred, I think over 300, which is very decent for one of these Runpiker Series runs.

I will write again tomorrow night when I have new to share from Grand Bend!

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