Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Race Week Taper - Run #2 8K

Yesterday's post had a photo of a passive bear on its back; today's has this passive frog on its back. These are the images I found when I googled the word, "relaxed." :)

Today was my last run until Saturday's warm-up 5K. I am expecting that run to be rather slow and sluggish after two days of rest.

I had another wonderful run this morning. I should write write "ditto!" to yesterday's post. I ran the same path, the same direction, with the same running beasts. :) I listened to the same playlist, saw some of the same runners, and waved/smiled to the same school crossing guard.

I didn't run as far; I turned back by the university's eastside residences, and ran through some of the student ghetto to get my mileage done. I ran faster than yesterday unintentionally; my pace during the last 3 km was unusually faster than my recent norm. :) I also was caught in some heavy rain. It was drizzling when I headed out, then turned into a mist for most of my run (lovely), but then it came down heavily the rest of the time.

But I didn't care. :) I could breath easily, I felt strong while running again, and the two runs over the course of the last two days have done my ego/confidence a world of good. :) It's been a very good tapering week so far. I am also embracing the next two days of scheduled rest, too!

On a side note, I have slept well (straight through) for the last two nights. This has really helped and I hope Wed/Thu/Fri nights will be the same. If I do end up tossing and turning the night before my HM, I will still have a week's worth of rest behind me. :)

I have pre-written posts ready to be published on the blog for the days without workout updates ... Little Miss Organized me. :)

I also have Kundalini yoga this evening (I really need it for my shoulder blades/back).

Happy running, everyone! :)


  1. Hey girl! Best of luck for your 5k. I'm surprised you feel slow after time off, I feel completely the opposite - my legs work MUCH faster after some rest :D

  2. @Suza - Sometimes I feel sluggish; sometimes I feel rested and fast. I know myself well enough to know that I need a warm-up run the day before a race. I am also anticipating a 'sluggish' run so I won't be disappointed if it is, the day before a race, which can then feel a little discouraging! :(