Saturday, September 10, 2011

Race Week Taper - Run #3 5K

Done and done. :) My last run before my first half marathon of the fall season. :)

William Wallace and I kept this run slow and relaxed, which was easy; I find that I am initially a little sluggish after a few days of rest so the first 3 km were spent just getting my legs re-familiarized with running again after a two day break.

Nothing too strenuous today. I am keeping the day light and easy. My list is growing for things that will need to get done tomorrow afternoon ... ha! As if half that list is going to get done after I race in the morning - another ha! :)

My race prediction is already written and will be auto-posted this evening. My post tomorrow morning is ready, too; it's the third part from my training program on what to do during the Race Week Taper, only this describes what to do throughout the race itself.

My playlist is ready with all my favourite upbeat music. There is no "one minute" lullaby song in between "ten minutes" of music to denote a time to walk like there was last year when I was in the Niagara Falls half marathon. :) It's all running from start to finish this time, baby! :)

Ben told me yesterday that he will be coming to this half marathon to cheer me on after all. He originally had plans (faithful, annual plans, actually) so his decision to cancel came as a huge surprise to me. It also means a great deal to me to know he will be there. :)

I went to Kundalini yoga last night. The stretching for the shoulders and shoulder blades as well as the spine was greatly needed and appreciated. I will be doing this on my own this evening.

I walked with Wallace to my running store downtown for the HM race kit and walked home again. I also walked home from yoga. 7.7 km total. No running. :)

Approximately 280 people are registered for the half marathon (as of this afternoon). It's the smallest turnout of the three half marathons in London.

Happy weekend running. :)

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