Running Goals (in progress)

PART I – My Running Goals from 2010

The following is a list of my goals that I did not achieve in 2010. It is more realistic for me to achieve them in 2011 or 2012 …

1. To someday run a full marathon - my ultimate goal! (set July 2010)

UPDATE (Oct. 2010): See updated blog manifesto ... I am postponing this goal until 2012.

2. To run in the Toronto Women's Half Marathon in May 2011. (set October 2010)

"IF" I can maintain my training program for Goal #5 over the winter, I "may" be in shape to participate in my third half marathon in April 2011. At this time, I am not setting any PR goals. Instead, I just want to participate in it for fun as a good warm-up for subsequent half marathons in 2011! :) I might need to use the 10:1 method again to complete it, but there are a few months in which I might be able to build upon my 16K running ability at that time (if all goes according to plan).

UPDATE (February 2011): This event was sold out months in advance. :( Given my 10 week hiatus from running Dec/Jan/Feb, I had already concluded that this goal would have to wait until 2012. :(

PART II – My New Goals for 2011

1. First and foremost, to run this year injury-free !!!

2. To continue improving upon my running speed so that my average pace is consistently in the 6-minute zone whenever I run. I was on the cusp in December, but will no doubt be solidly in the 7-minute zone when I return to running regularly (I am making this resolution when I am off from running with an achilles tendon injury :( ...).

3. To participate in all six (6) London Honda Running Series races and place in the top five (5) in my age group as a result of my perseverance and improved pace. :)

My potential prize for 5th place? A $10 gift certificate to the Runner's Choice in London - LOL! :) :)

4. To participate in seven (7) out of eight (8) Runpiker Series races.

     The Toronto Women's Half Marathon is on the same date as the first Runpiker Series race - the Dairy Capital Run. I ran the 5K in 2010 and would love to run in the 10K this year (it was a very fun, well-organized event). However, my heart is really into the half marathon with only women in Toronto, and I set it as my next half marathon goal after completing Niagara Falls.

UPDATE (March 2011): I was unable to start running again until February so training for this half marathon in time is no longer possible. Therefore, I will participate in all eight (8) Runpiker Series and seek out another third half marathon to run.

5. To be registered in a minimum of two (2) races at all times.

     Once I have finished running one race, I will proceed to register myself for the next one as a method of keeping me motivated and looking forward.

6. To run in a minimum of one (1) race per month.

     I will need to fudge this a bit and start in February as there are no January races scheduled within my driving radius, but otherwise, when I look at my 2011 list, this is do-able!

7. To participate in a minimum of three half marathons this year.

1. Toronto Women's Half Marathon - May 29th (change – achilles tendon injury prevented training)
2. Springbank Road Races Half Marathon - London, September 11th
4. Road2Hope (Half Marathon) - November 6th

     This is open to change and/or addition. If I am able to convince my sister to run a half marathon with me sometime this year, I am looking at The Chocolate Half Marathon in August or the Run for the Grapes in September with her.

PART III – My New Goals for 2012

1. First and foremost, to run this year injury-free !!!

2. To run in the Really Chilly Road Races in the 10K race. In 2011, I ran in the 5K. Now that I belong to The Athletic Club, enabling me to run throughout the winter without interruption, I should be able to run in the longer race in February 2012.

3. To run in all three 1/2 marathon races offered in London in 2012:

  • Run for Retina. In 2011, I ran in the 10K
  • Forest City Road Races. In 2010, I ran the 5K. In 2011, I ran in the 10K (my spring PR). It has been my goal since 2010 to run in the half marathon in 2012.
  • Springbank Road Races. In 2009 and 2010, I ran in the 5K