Sunday, August 8, 2010

SOUTH HURON TRAIL RUN 8K - Runpiker Series

ACTUAL (according to my Garmin)
8K - 58:24
Pace 7:14 min/km

POSTED (not chip timed)
8K - 59:08
Pace 7:24 min/km

As I type, I am feeling good, and this is what I enjoy so much about running - the natural high I feel AFTER running! :) The run itself went well - I had some strong running moments (6 min/km pace) and I was slower (7:45 min/km pace) at other points, usually after running up one of the inclines. My 8K time is slower than the one I recorded at the Go the Distance race, but I felt good throughout this entire race. The weather was cooler and cloudy, and it rained in spurts all through the race. Because we were in the woods, the rain did not come down on us hard. It was actually quiet welcome! Unfortunately, I found that it also made the air more humid. :( I did not have any yoyo runners near me this time - yahoo! It was nice just to have the handful of people around me in the same pace zone - it made it more enjoyable for running on the narrow path - and I feel pleased about the number of people I passed that never passed me again ... except for #141, my pace rabbit!

#141 was ahead of me most of the time (I passed her briefly when she stopped for water), and when she resumed her leadership position, we smiled at each other and chatted briefly. I thanked her after setting a good pace for both of us. I enjoyed the camaraderie of our running and I couldn't care less if she placed before me at the finish line (I actually preferred pacing her rather than vice versa). It was very sweet to see her boyfriend/husband run at the beginning with her, touch her hand before he took off at a faster pace, and then he was there at the corner near the finish line to pace her to the end. Very touching to watch!

I really liked the trail and would enjoy doing run again next year. It was similar to cross-country running or running on the nature trail in Coldstream so I truly enjoyed it. :)

The organizers did not have enough safety pins so I had to put my bib on with duct tape! LOL! I can't believe that I recently read in my Runner's World magazine the suggestion to carry extra pins with you when you go to a race, and that I actually THOUGHT about getting pins while preparing my running belt this morning, but I didn't! To add to this, my bib was #25, my second favourite after #5 (5X5=25) so I was VERY excited about this! Unfortunately, I LOST my bib while running and as I type, I am hoping that the organizers have figured out that it was ME who came in after #141! I went back to the registration table and asked if I could have a replacement bib (I have saved all of mine and plan to do something with them eventually). The number I got? #250 !!! :) Sweet! :)

I celebrated my successful run with the new "mini" Blizzard from Dairy Queen on the way home (the perfect snack size - I never serve myself more than this much ice cream when I am home, and always feel like I have eaten too much when I have tried a small Blizzard).

Ben was not crazy about the idea of being in Exeter where he would no doubt run into some former co-workers so I went on my own to this race.

My former running partner actually showed up for it, and she was about 5 people ahead of me throughout the run. Good on her for actually showing up and still running.

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