Sunday, February 27, 2011

REALLY CHILLY ROAD RACE 5K - London Honda Series #1

35:40 Chip Time
35:36 Garmin Time

Wow wow wow! What a morning!

I went on my own to the race so there was no one to take pictures of me. However, here's a pic of my new shirt and my number/chip (there is a chip crazy-glued to the back of this bib - ingenious!).

First and foremost, I am really really proud of myself for running a race in February! :) :) :) Last year at this time, I only ran once during the month of February, and it took some work until I was able to run my first 5K later in May. I am tickled pink that this year, I have started running in local races months earlier. Accomplishment #1!

Second, I am so pleased at having a decent 5K race for me! My average pace earlier this week during my return-to-running workouts did not give me the indication that I could run a 7:09 pace. I was aiming for under 7:30 and was very excited to see a pace closer to 7:00 come naturally to me. For someone who had 10+ weeks off from running from an injury and from being buried in snow, this is great! Accomplishment #2!

Third, I turned on my right ankle in the parking lot just before the race, but I was still able to run - I must have had a lucky horseshoe on me. :) Such a stupid thing - I left the Agriplex on my way to the start line and suddenly, where I stepped in the snow, gave way and I turned my ankle painfully. A horrible horrible moment. I went to this race by myself so I was alone when it happened, and all I could think about was nonononononono, please don't tell me I have hurt myself and can't run! It really hurt, too! I kept walking with it to see how bad it was and noticed that I didn't limp. The initial pain subsided as I kept walking toward the start line. I would not have run on it if it kept hurting, but oddly enough, my ankle was fine all through the run except for one time on the course when I felt a slight twinge of it. Very odd, but I am very grateful. I continue to walk just fine, but can still feel a tenderness in the area. I have turned on that ankle so many times in my life ...

As for the run itself, it was great to have main roads and streets cordoned off for us with pylons so we could run on wet pavement. The course itself was once around for the 5K and twice for the 10K so I was happy not to run the same path twice. :) There was the usual swoosh of people running faster than me at the beginning, and I caught myself running faster than I should at the start, but I reigned myself in and settled at a "race pace" within the first 2K. It was very cool to see how the race finished inside the Agriplex (we ran under an overpass and right into the building), and as always, my local Runner's Choice did an excellent job of organizing the event. This particular run was on the east side of the city and near some of the factories (Kellogg's, McCormick's). I am not sure which one was processing a chocolate-flavoured processed food, but there was the smell of chocolate in the air while we ran down Dundas Street - a nice distraction from the running! I did not stick around long after the race as time today did not permit, but it was great to see the greater number of people participated in the 10K than in the 5K (I want to be one of them next year!).

Most memorable moment: I was passed by several super fast 10K runners on their first loop (it made me think, that must be an ego boost, running past someone who started a little more than 10 minutes before you!). They helped me run a little faster because I couldn't help, but pick up the pace thanks to their suction draft - LOL! As nice as it is to have all the volunteers along the way encourage me (I alway say thank you or smile at them when they clap or cheer), I was surprised and touched the most by one of the 10K runners who suddenly turned to me as he passed and enthusiastically said, "Good job!". His tone was clearly genuine and kind (not condescending) and I responded with an enthusiastic "Thank you!" back to him before he left me in his dust. :) As I sit here in the afterglow of my run, this is what I remember the most from the race. Thank you, Anonymous Nice Guy!

1K 6:59
2K 7:14
3K 7:04
4K 7:05
5K 6:41

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