Sunday, July 6, 2003

My Second 5K Race

Springbank Road Races - 5K
September 7, 2003

To date, this is my fastest 5K race. All the 5K races I have run in 2009 and 2010 have yet to crack this time! I was much lighter and more fit when I ran this particular race ...

I ran this one alone. I signed up for it on my own, and I do not necessarily recall following a running program to get to this point! My one significant memory about this race is Janice. Janice is my cousin's wife, and for some reason that I can't remember, she drove me to the race. I think I either met her for coffee that morning, or I had asked her to drive me to the event. Janice is significant because she dropped me off, and this is all I expected from her. However, when I was at the 1 1/2K point of the race, there she was, cheering me on! On her own initiative, she had decided to park and cheer me on before taking off. It was so unexpected and so lovely of her - I have never forgotten the wonderful feeling it gave me! To this day, I still think highly of her for this act of kindness.

It truly is a great feeling to have someone along the route cheering you specifically on!

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