Friday, July 23, 2010

SUMMER NIGHT 5K RUN - London Honda Series

5K Race - 36:11
Pace 7:15 min/km

I have participated in this particular running event twice before. The first time was in 2003 when it was the "goal" 5K for our running group. We ran it together at the end of our training, and it was fun to have a few "swag bag" beers together afterward at the Barking Frog to celebrate our achievement:

Pace 6:50 min/km

The second time, my first running partner and I ran it for the same reason: we started a "From Couch to 5K" beginner running program together at the end of March, and then used this particular 5K race as as our goal 5K. We did it and then, with our significant others, and then enjoyed the "swag bag" free beers and burgers together:

Pace 7:08 min/km

I am disappointed that I ran my slowest time yet in this race. However, when I checked the weather channel first thing in the morning on race day, I learned that the hottest part of the day, 30 degrees C, would be exactly when the race started. With the humidity, it would feel like 40 degrees C. Once I learned this, I knew right away that I probably should not set myself up for failure by aiming to run my fastest time. I knew then that it was going to be a miserable run in that kind of weather. This on top of the fact that I do not usually run at night - I am an early morning runner - so it already was not at my ideal time of the day.

I should add that 51 people did NOT finish the race. This is a significant number of runners, in comparison to previous races, so it may be a reflection of the tougher-than-average weather conditions we experienced. I recall how last year it was much cooler and had just rained before the race, which it made it pleasant for running.


1. I ran the entire way; I did not walk.
2. I started strong and ended strong. I was pleased with my finish.
3. There was one water station that we passed twice at the 2K/4K mark. I decided not to run with my water belt in this race, and made sure I clarified I wanted water when I passed by the water station. However, for the first time, I choked on the water (it went down the wrong tube when I swallowed). I made sure to slow down completely the second time I passed by so I wouldn't repeat my choking!
4. Multiple runners were warming up by running. I understand now why they do this, but I am not at the level yet when a 2K warm-up run will help me run a faster time (notice the operative word "yet" in that sentence!). However, I did keep an eye on the time, and at 6:50 p.m., I walked away from the shady spot where I was sitting, killing time, and walked briskly around a few blocks for 10 minutes to warm up before joining all the runners at the starting line.
5. There were wet sponges at the hairpin turn, and they were very much appreciated!
6. I had one runner ahead of me who was yo-yoing. She would stop to walk, and after I passed her, she would run again and pass me, only to stop, walk, let me pass here, repeat. I tried my best not to be irritated by it, and instead focus on my own steady pace running. I knew there was a small hill and then a larger hill yet to go, and this was happening on a flat part of the course, so I would lose her by that point (which I did). The same thing happened after I passed her with two young runners; they kept passing me running after I would pass them when they were walking. I finally lost on the hill when they stopped to walk.
7. Ben was not there at the start; I told him not to bother. Instead, he dropped me off in time to collect my chip, and then went to Chapters to look at magazines. He was there at the end to cheer me across the finish line. :) We skipped the beer and burger this year, and just headed home as I was wet from sweat in the heat, and Ben, the non-runner, was sweating as well. He could not believe I ran in it!

I think I will do this again next year, and THAT will be the time I finally run this race UNDER 30 minutes! :)

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