Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monthly Review - AUGUST 2010

127.4 km TOTAL

15 hours 28 minutes TOTAL

8K Run

Pace 7:47 min/km

I hate humidity! It makes for very sucky runs!

I was sooooo not feeling it and was seriously considering of stopping by the 5K mark, but then I told myself to keep going, even if my pace sucked. I went the opposite way of my usual runs, by heading to Gibbons Park and running as far as the Parkway before turning back and making up the rest the run along Oxford and then Wharncliffe. I am glad I stuck it out - I feel like a real trooper! - but honestly, it sucked. LOL!

Angus ran with me this morning, and he did a great job of keeping up with me in the heat. He was a trooper, too!

Not feeling enthusiastic about the 11 km I am scheduled to run tomorrow! Maybe an earlier start when it is cooler would be ideal.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Week FIVE Half Marathon Training - Aug. 30 - Sept. 5

Monday OFF
Tuesday 8K
Wednesday 11K
Thursday 6K
Friday OFF
Saturday LONG RUN 16K
Sunday OFF

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Pace 7:26 min/km

This was a strange race. Even before race day, it was proving to be an odd race because it wasn't well organized (the race course was changed; the start times were posted on the website; links on the website did not work; etc.).

Picking up my swag bag and race number wasn't a problem; the tech shirt was very RED and it fits so this was a nice benefit. The line-up for one stall in the women's washroom was so long, I knew I would not get to use it before the race started. Fortunately, the runner I was standing behind was encouraged by my comments to join me in line at the men's washroom, and soon we had several women joining us. We literally took it over! :) Thank goodness because I really needed to use it before the run! :)

There wasn't a distinctive race start. En masse, we walked across the park to a roadway where the race started on an incline (?!?!). I turned to Ben and told him that I was probably NOT going to crack 1:10 today ....

The run itself was very boring, similar to Embro. There was nothing scenic about it. We literally ran all the way to the Cambi plant and then ran all the way around it. This meant that we were running alongside the 401 for a stretch - ick! I had to occupy myself mentally by keeping focused on passing one runner and then her friend in the first 2K. I saw them run out too fast together and knew that I would probably end up passing them. There were two other runners in front of me the rest of the way, but I never caught up to them. They were fairly steady in their pace so kudos to them for being my beacon!

I did not go through all of my water, and I did start stopping for water just to toss on my head after a few sips. It was really hot and the sun beat down on us for most of the race. There were times when I hit "my zone" but for the most part, it just wasn't that enjoyable of a race. Running through a field between the road and a subdivision just wasn't pleasant and nearly getting hit by a truck in the parking lot WHILE RUNNING IN MY RACE wasn't a great experience. However, I kept my sense of humour when reaching one of the water stations. It was on the "other" side of a railroad track, and as I approached, I had to stop because of a locomotive moving in my path! After it passed, I crossed the track, drank my water, and told the volunteer that I had never had that happen to me before! :) :)

I was surprised, and delighted (!), that I have enough oomph! to run fast to the finish line and make it under 1:15 according to the clock so my chip time should be 1:14+. Ben let go of Angus after I passed and I heard people make an "awww!" sound so I knew then that he was running with me. :) :) This was a sweet moment.

Thankfully, I have looked at my results, and I am now feeling better about my run. I ran 1:14:08 in Embro. I did this race, with hot sun and hills, at the exact same pace and time, so it does show some improvement. :) I ran my first 10K last year in the fall. I now have three upcoming 10K races this fall so I am sure that I will be able to set a new PR at one of them! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

7K Run

Pace 7:37 min/km

The day was perfect for running - 10 degrees C - with an overcast sky. It felt a little too cool at first wearing shorts and a tech t-shirt, but I soon warmed up. The first K was very slow and I was just not feeling it. I was ready to just stop johnny-on-the-spot. I am soooooo glad that I have finally learned to ignore the first 1-2K as indicators as to how my run will go. It would be so easy to say, "not today!" based on how I am feeling then (my first K was slow, too, at almost 8 min/k). I have instructed myself that I am not allowed to stop running until I at least hit 3K when I can "truly" judge how the run is going. :)

I am also feeling very good about the fact that I can get out during the week and run without stopping for more than 45 minutes! :) I eventually would like to work on pace speed, but my first priority has always been to get myself to the point where I can run for an hour on a regular basis.

My dog, Kim, came with me today and he has the best pace with me - very intuitive. He doesn't push me like Angus, but yet prevents me from dropping down too much.

By the way, I am REALLY liking this feature on my Garmin - the auto warning which I have set yo go if my pace drops under 8:15 min or goes over 6:30 min.

Feeling good about today's run (and feeling good about the way that my shorts are feeling a little baggier today around my thighs!).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5K with Hills

Pace 7:43 min/km

Today's run was put together haphazardly. I have been using the cemetery for hill workouts, and as good as that hill's incline is for climbing, I thought I would try Beaverbrook today. I ran over to this street, ran down the hill, ran back up and realized that was just a bit too gradual for what I was looking for.

I then ran over to Riverside and went up and down it twice and it was much more challenging. What was sweet is that a man walking down the hill the second time I was running up it flashed me a smile and gave me the thumb up! :) God breezes! :) This went better and then I tried the one side of the cemetery again.

I think that next week I will run to Nancy Campbell/Harris Park where there is a steep hill. I will try running up and down it three times and then run home. I will then add one more time up each week. This is easy and measurable, and a good workout. This was the hill that drove me out of the run club in 2003! :(

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

6K Run Today

Pace 7:23 min/km

My fastest non-race pace since May! :) :)

What a difference the weather makes! It was cooler and not very sunny - more overcast - a perfect day for running. :) Angus came with me and running was clearly on the brain because he is the one who drove the pace. I should thank him for making me go faster.

It felt "odd" to turn toward Greenway Park under the bridge rather than running toward Springbank Park - all my runs have been longer in the last few weeks so 6K is feeling a little on the short side! :)

I am feeling very good this week about my running and thanks to that successful 15K on Sunday, I am feeling like I will truly be able to run a half marathon in October!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week FOUR - Half Marathon Training - Aug. 23-29

Monday OFF
Tuesday 6K
Wednesday 5K
Thursday OFF
Friday 7K
Saturday OFF
Sunday RACE - 10K in Ingersoll

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Learnings from Today's Long Run

1. It would still be better if I woke up earlier to go running!

2. A bagel was too much to eat - I will try a half bagel one hour before my run the next time.

3. If I still feel over-full the next time, after eating less, I will need to experiment with a longer period of time between eating and running.

4. It is time for me to start considering hill training on a more regular basis (once a week? once every two weeks?)

5. My soreness in the hip flexor area is from adding too much mileage. It has been a tough two weeks of running for me, and I am cutting back this week.

Another Great Run - 15K !!

Pace 7:47 min/km

I have to say, I am liking the fact that all my posts lately are so positive! I needed a successful long run. Compared to last weekend's brutal 14K, today's run was a smash hit! :) :)

I allowed myself to sleep in a little later than intended, but today ate a bagel and some yogurt, and drank some hot coffee exactly one hour before heading out. I was feeling SO resistant to going for a run - I was literally forcing myself out the door. I felt heavy with breakfast and water and just was not in the mood - getting out the door is usually the most difficult part! :(

As usual, my first 3K were slower - 7:44, 7:52 & 7:57. My 4th K was my fastest - 7:25 - with my 11th K as my second fastest - 7:27. How cool is that? :) I only went over the 8 min pace once - 8:02 in my 14th K.

The effort I put into creating a 10:1 music playlist REALLY paid off. By freeing up my Garmin, I was able to keep an eye on my pace and slow myself down when I went under 7:00 min/km and speed up when I went over 8:00 min/km. The music was perfect except in some spots, which I will fix before my next long run next month (I have a race this coming weekend). Using the same slow, one minute song ("I'm a Lonely Little Petunia" by Imogen Heap) as my indicator worked brilliantly, but there were a few songs that I messed up to make 10 minutes so I need to fix this, and I need to move some of favourite energetic songs for later in the playlist for when I need them more. This, in addition to the cooler, humidity-free weather made a big impact on my running pace. I ran 15K faster than 14K last week! :) :)

My dog, Wallace, ran with me today and did VERY well! He can run the distance no problem.

There were quite a few runners out today, clearly doing their long run for the week. People were friendlier today for some reason so I say hello to and smiled often at multiple runners.

I did not run on Thursday because I was too stressed about the questions I needed to have ready for James, and I went to bed @ 2:00 a.m. Friday I left for Niagara Falls to see the family and did not arrive home until after 2:00 a.m. so I did not run Sunday. My hip flexors have been sore since my last run - not painful, but very very sensitive! I thought that maybe giving them an extra day or two would be wise. They did not bother me at all during this morning's run, but I am feeling them now! Again, they are more tender than painful so I think they will be fine. Icing them is recommended.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great 10K!

I did not know when I went out today that I was going to have such a great run! :) :)

It was a cooler, humidity-free morning again so I was happy to be going for a run. My dog, Kim, joined me today.

The first 2K were slow and it was taking me awhile to get warmed up. I was beginning to think by 3K that maybe I wouldn't do a 10K today because I wasn't feeling it. When I look at my split times, I can see how my time was slower, closer to the 8 min/km than to 7:30 for the first 3K, but then I started moving. And it felt good. I love running when I can zone out and think get lost in my thoughts. And when I started doing this, I knew I was going to have a good run.

I am also enjoying my updated music. It does make an impact on my running pace to have the right tunes playing while I run.

Anyway, it made me feel great that I was still feeling healthy and strong, and when I hit the 10K mark, I could have easily kept going, which made me feel even happier about my run. This is the first time I've experienced still having significant energy at the end of running a 10K. Thrilling! :) It makes me realize that all the training I have put in the last few months are paying off and that whether it is humid or not really does make a difference!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling great about my 8K

I was supposed to run yesterday, but I was feeling too rough to go. We went to a friend's place for a BBQ the day before, arrived home late, and then had a very rough night of sleep. I felt guilty because there was no humidity and it would have been a perfect for running.

However, this morning was humidity-free, too, thankfully (makes me feel less guilty about missing yesterday) so I headed out. My dog, Angus, joined me on this run, and he was running better, too (more fit? less humidity?).

My biggest accomplishment today was pushing myself in the last K and running an average pace less than 7:00 min/km - 6:48:68 to be exact! One of the best things about writing this blog is recording something like this because I anticipate, that by keeping at it, I will eventually consider a 6:48 pace in an 8K my average! :)

Anyway, it feels good to have a good run under my belt! :) Those slower paced runs in the humidity can sure be demoralizing. :(

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week THREE Half Marathon Training - Aug. 16-22

Monday 8K
Tuesday OFF
Wednesday 10K
Thursday 9K
Friday OFF
Saturday 15K
Sunday OFF

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Learnings from the Brutal 14K

1. I need to eat before I run. I can run for an hour on an empty stomach (weekdays), but I can't do it for a long run. I need to change my routine for Saturday long runs. Therefore ...

2. ... I need to wake up @ 6:00 a.m., eat a bagel and a banana, have a cup of coffee, and an hour later, head out for my long run.

3. Ben wakes up at crazy early morning hours for his passion; therefore, I should not feel guilty about doing the same thing. I can wake up early on Saturday mornings, and leave him behind for my passions, too.

4. I need to run MUCH EARLIER on hot, humid days to make the best of the weather. Being out there between 10-11 a.m. when it's dreadful on an empty stomach was just plain dumb!

5. I need to run with my portable dish for Wallace so he is guaranteed water while running.

6. I need to change my music so that the slower songs are at the end, when I am cooling down, not when I am slowing down and needing inspiration!

7. I need to carbo load the night before. We had Pad Thai last night, but I should be looking into lower fat past recipes for Friday nights.

i) Eat lower fat pasta dish.
ii) Get to bed early.
iii) Have running gear ready to go.

i) Wake up @ 6:00 a.m.
ii) Eat a bagel, banana and have some coffee.
iii) Head out the door @ 7:15 a.m. to begin my long run.
iv) Be like Ben and save "sweety" snuggling time for Sunday mornings. :)

Brutal Run

14:04K - 1:59:57
Pace 8:32 min/km

I am going to post my learnings from this run in a separate post. I was feeling down about my run when I got home, but now, as I sit here at my desk, analyzing my splits and reviewing my run, overall, I am feeling better about it.

Brutal run. It was hot, humid, and I walked a lot. The first hour went well, which I think makes sense, since I can now run for an hour, but the second half did not go as well. I felt crappy before I left for the run, and as I completed my warm-up walk to my starting point. I kept telling myself that I would feel better once I started to run. The first km felt crappy, but thankfully, by the time I hit the first walking point, I had warmed up and started feeling good. My pace was good (so I thought), and it made me think that this 10:1 run/walk would work for me.

However, by the time I reached the far end of Springbank Park, my halfway point, I started to feel it. I was going through my water reserve quickly. I am still surprised by the number of runners who are not carrying any water with them because I always need water! During last Sunday's race, there were two water stations, but I did not use either one of them. I used my water belt and this is because, when I have dry mouth or I am in need of water, I don't want want to waiting for the next water station, not do I want to start focusing on how thirsty I am. Is this a weight thing? Do I need so much more water frequently because of my size? Or is it an age thing, maybe? Anyway, by the time I reached the hill beside Storybook Gardens, I needed to walk a lot of it, but at least I was able to get in some significant running between the top of the hill and the new Community Centre where the former Guy Lombardo Museum used to be situated. This is the first time that I have stopped mid-run, but I really needed to - I was out of water - so Wallace and I filled up on refreshing water (cold water out of a fountain - marvelous!) before heading home. And on a side note, I was surprised by how "heavy" my refilled water bottles felt! Maybe the runners without water make pace/time more important than being weighted down by water?

I did not run through Greenway Park; instead, we took the same route home, up Riverside Drive hill (walking) and back into the neighbourhood where I continued running so I could make it to 14K on my Garmin.

I feeling, literally, bagged. I am noticing a trend with my long runs now - I am so tired in the afternoon that I need to lie down for a nap!

The good news ... I DID IT !! It was tough and hot and crappy, but I completed 14K! 7 more K to go! I am more than halfway through a half marathon by running 14K so yay me! And it is only by going through these types of days that I learn what to do and what not to do. This is what training is all about, one of the many reasons why training is a good thing. :) I couldn't run 14K at this point last year - I could not even run 10K. Will I be reading this one year from now and smiling because 14K is my "easy" run by August 2011? :) :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thoughts on Rest

This is what I was thinking about while I was running this morning ...

I have been playing with the idea of running 5 days a week instead of 4. My sister told me that she was running 6 days a week, and it made me think that maybe I was not doing enough after all. Most running programs only have two days of rest scheduled whereas I have been following the Runner's Choice half marathon program that includes 3 days of rest.

Balance this with everything I have read about rest, and how it is just as important to the body's recovery from running, in addition to my recent experience feeling rejuvenated after taking a week off from running.

I have decided that I will continue running only 4 days per week. My reasons? I am an overweight, 42 year old woman. My worst fear is hurting myself, forcing me to stop running, or making me enjoy it less. I like what John Stanton has to say his book, "Running" - no one ever hurt themselves running conservatively and runners get hurt when they push themselves by getting over-enthusiastic and running too much. I started running to lose weight, but since falling in love with it, I now want to lose weight so I can run better. As great as it is that I have run in eight (!!) races so far this year, and that I am at a point where I can train for a HALF MARATHON (!!), I still need to lose a significant amount of weight before I can, in my opinion, increase to more running days. I respect the fact that, regardless of one's weight or athleticism, everyone ideally should be exercising 6 days a week. I have tried cycling twice a week on my days of rest (never the day before my long run), and I would like to keep this up as an alternative to running two extra days. I used to cycle as a teenager to keep in shape and I wouldn't mind attempting a return to this former passion. I am also inspired by the number of people I see cycling on the paths whenever I run - I swear there are more cyclists than runners! I have also read that cross-training is ideal so I know that my choice is still a good one. I think it will give my legs a rest from the pounding they receive with the extra weight I carry. They are working extra hard because of what they are carrying on top so once my legs are no longer challenged by the excess weight they carry, they will be ready for the challenge of running an extra day.

I will reconsider this sometime this winter, when I will also need to think about potentially running on a treadmill.

Scheduled 8K Became a 6K Became a 7K ...

7K - 56:39
Pace 8:05 min/km

I have been "feeling it" since yesterday's run ... a little sore and stiff, so when I woke up this morning, I was not sure if I could do an 8K. I also decided to go the other way on my usual route to change things up a bit. However, by going the reverse way, it means that I need to run UP Riverside hill. I then decided that I would shorten my run by 2K, but in doing so, I would then try to run the entire way up Riverside hill.

My run went well for the first 4K. When I looked at my per K pace for the stretch through Greenway Park, it was very good, averaging 7:30 min/km. However, I walked up the steep embankment to the bridge and then decided to walk a little longer. I made it over the bridge before deciding that if I was going to run the entire way up Riverside, I should walk again so I walked through the lights and then attempted to tackle the hill.

I did very well, and even though my speed was decreasing to 8:30 min/km, I kept going and felt very pleased with myself. However, I lost steam completely by the subdivision entrance. Shucks! I really wanted to make it up that hill for the first time today. :( Well, at least I was able to make it past the halfway mark, and I think I should attempt the hill more often. Once I reched the top, I ran to the cemetery corner, walked to the middle entrance, and then ran all the way down the hill before deciding that I could run 7K so I turned on my street where I normally walk to cool down, and continued running until I hit the 7K mark.

I ran with my dog, Kim, who did great. :) He matched me on the hill and was the perfect running partner throughout (even having a poop during the warm-up walk!).

Well, I honestly

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8K Interval Run

8K - 1:04:42
Pace 8:04 min/km

Today I set my Garmin on interval workout and tried the method of 10:1 run/walk. I wanted to see how I would do with the interval training, and I wanted to test my watch prior to heading out on a 14K run using this method.

The watch worked great. I could set it for the 10:1, which would ring like an alarm when I needed to walk and when I needed to run. I set it for 5 intervals, concluding that 55 minutes of interval training was approximately the time I needed for running a 8K, knowing that I would have to add some mileage/time at the end of the workout to make it an 8K.

I liked it - it worked. Both the watch and the run/walk method. I wish I could switch back to my usual pace/time/distance settings on the Garmin during the interval workout because I found my pace was off-kilter today, but the run/walk alarm worked well. My time for the 8K today did not improve, but I am not wanting to use the 10:1 method for my shorter runs - I only want to use it on Saturdays when I do my endurance long runs.

The run itself was good. I went a little too far again and realized when running back that I still have my "old" 8K route in my head, when I used to do a "there & return" path, whereas my "newer" route includes going through Greenway park, hence the added mileage without realizing there was a difference. :( Oh well - longer cool down walk ...

My little Wallace joined me on today's run. I discussed it with Ben and we think he will be fine running with me on my long runs so I am taking him with me on Saturday for my 14K. If he does alright with it, I will start taking him regularly and take Angus twice during the week instead.

There is a partially blind man who walks in Springbank Park every morning. I always say, "Good morning!" to him when I run past him, and then, "Deja vu good morning!" to him when I pass him again on the way back. It's nice to have him as a regular on my runs! He is very friendly. I always say good morning to runners who initiate the "good morning" acknowledgment to me, and I smile at runners who look like they are beginners or who look like me. I no longer bother saying hello to elite-looking runners (unless they are one of the runners who initiate saying hello to me) because they rarely respond.

It was humid again today. I really look forward to a break from it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An 8K Run turned into a 10K!

9:42K @ 1:11:39
Pace 7:36 min/km

Sometimes I need a run like today to give me an ego boost! :)

Today I was scheduled for an 8K. When I woke up this morning, I felt some sharp pain in my left shoulder blade. Oh oh. I was not having an easy time of moving without feeling a sharp jab in that area and thought, this had better not affect my run! I was also a little tired when I woke up so I was a bit slow moving while getting ready. However, I was motivated to get out as soon as I could because the Weather Channel is calling for one very humid day! Angus was my running partner of choice for today's run.

I was pleased with my pace in the first 3K. For such a humid morning, I was actually running a half decent pace (b/w 7:15 and 7:30 min/km). I felt very good, like a runner! Everything was working right and my sharp jabs of pain in the shoulder blade area lessened as I warmed up.

I somehow miscalculated my distance. I am still not sure how I did it because my watch said 2.32K when I reached the path under the Guy Lombardo bridge, I knew that I had to run to at least the 3.5K point before turning back and running through Greenway Park to reach my 8K mark. I knew I went a little past my goal, but did not realize how much it affected me until I looked at my watch and saw that I was almost at 8K, but still a fair distance from home. I realized then I was either going to be doing a lot of walking as a cool down, or I could keep on running and switch my scheduled 10K this week with this morning's run ... I am glad that I did because that dreaded 10K is now out of the way AND I feel better knowing that I could run it without stopping! :)

However, my recorded time is odd because, in my last minute switch to add another 1K to my run, I decided to run down Wharncliffe Street because it is flat (!!) compared to hilly Riverside Drive. I did stop briefly at a stop light, and unfortunately, did not turn my watch back on properly. I did not realize that my watch had not resumed recording until I kept seeing the same distance and time a few times during the last .5K. :( Oh well - it does not matter because I am focusing less on the watch these days and just running according to how I am feeling without too much pressure.

I still have not determined if I am going to try running my long run 14K this Saturday in 10:1 intervals, or if I am going to run the first 10K and then start doing the intervals. I am leaning toward Option #1 as of today.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Week TWO of Half Marathon Training - August 9-15

Monday OFF
Tuesday 8K
Wednesday 10K
Thursday 8K
Friday OFF
Saturday LONG RUN 14K
Sunday OFF

Sunday, August 8, 2010

SOUTH HURON TRAIL RUN 8K - Runpiker Series

ACTUAL (according to my Garmin)
8K - 58:24
Pace 7:14 min/km

POSTED (not chip timed)
8K - 59:08
Pace 7:24 min/km

As I type, I am feeling good, and this is what I enjoy so much about running - the natural high I feel AFTER running! :) The run itself went well - I had some strong running moments (6 min/km pace) and I was slower (7:45 min/km pace) at other points, usually after running up one of the inclines. My 8K time is slower than the one I recorded at the Go the Distance race, but I felt good throughout this entire race. The weather was cooler and cloudy, and it rained in spurts all through the race. Because we were in the woods, the rain did not come down on us hard. It was actually quiet welcome! Unfortunately, I found that it also made the air more humid. :( I did not have any yoyo runners near me this time - yahoo! It was nice just to have the handful of people around me in the same pace zone - it made it more enjoyable for running on the narrow path - and I feel pleased about the number of people I passed that never passed me again ... except for #141, my pace rabbit!

#141 was ahead of me most of the time (I passed her briefly when she stopped for water), and when she resumed her leadership position, we smiled at each other and chatted briefly. I thanked her after setting a good pace for both of us. I enjoyed the camaraderie of our running and I couldn't care less if she placed before me at the finish line (I actually preferred pacing her rather than vice versa). It was very sweet to see her boyfriend/husband run at the beginning with her, touch her hand before he took off at a faster pace, and then he was there at the corner near the finish line to pace her to the end. Very touching to watch!

I really liked the trail and would enjoy doing run again next year. It was similar to cross-country running or running on the nature trail in Coldstream so I truly enjoyed it. :)

The organizers did not have enough safety pins so I had to put my bib on with duct tape! LOL! I can't believe that I recently read in my Runner's World magazine the suggestion to carry extra pins with you when you go to a race, and that I actually THOUGHT about getting pins while preparing my running belt this morning, but I didn't! To add to this, my bib was #25, my second favourite after #5 (5X5=25) so I was VERY excited about this! Unfortunately, I LOST my bib while running and as I type, I am hoping that the organizers have figured out that it was ME who came in after #141! I went back to the registration table and asked if I could have a replacement bib (I have saved all of mine and plan to do something with them eventually). The number I got? #250 !!! :) Sweet! :)

I celebrated my successful run with the new "mini" Blizzard from Dairy Queen on the way home (the perfect snack size - I never serve myself more than this much ice cream when I am home, and always feel like I have eaten too much when I have tried a small Blizzard).

Ben was not crazy about the idea of being in Exeter where he would no doubt run into some former co-workers so I went on my own to this race.

My former running partner actually showed up for it, and she was about 5 people ahead of me throughout the run. Good on her for actually showing up and still running.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ran 6K this a.m. ...

6K - 45:00
Pace 7:30 min/km

I am feeling VERY good about this morning's run. How great it is to run in cooler, less humid air! It made a difference in my pace as well. I could "feel" I was running at a good pace, and I did NOT hear my Garmin beep angrily at me for a change so I knew I was on target (I have my running set to auto beep at me if my pace drops to a slower pace than 8 min/km). It just felt good, the way a run should feel ideally. I just got lost in my own thoughts and picked up the pace when a funkier, faster song played on my Shuffle (today - older Madonna material). I am feeling MUCH better about taking a week off from running after today's results.

Wallace joined me this morning and he loved it, as always. :)

Day off tomorrow and then my second 8K race of the year is this Sunday.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ran a 5K Today ...

After a week off from running, I returned with a nice easy 5K in the hilly cemetery:

5.11K @ 39:36
Pace 7:45 min/km

It was still humid but "less" so this morning than previous days. I took my yellow lab, Angus with me, and he did well with the incline and humidity. I was pleased to see how well I did going uphill.

I was originally scheduled to run a 6K today, but I missed a 7K on Monday and an 8K on Wednesday, as well as my missed 13K on Saturday; therefore, after a week off from running, I decided to switch today's 6K with tomorrow's scheduled 5K. It proved to be a good warm-up back into running, and I felt very good about it afterwards. I am curious to see if my report this Sunday, after running my 8K race in Exeter, will reflect how my rest has "helped" my running ...

Regardless, it is a huge relief to see how, after a tough week for getting out, I ended up having a good first run back into it ... after all, August is the first month out of three that will lead me to my half marathon goal for 2010! :)

Back to running today ...

I am shocked to report that I have not run for a WEEK! :( This is the first time since I started running faithfully again back in April that I have gone this long without running.

My excuses?

I had family visiting from South Korea ...
I went to bed late and slept later while they were here ...
Ben wasn't getting up early over the long weekend so I lacked incentive to leave him ... :)
It was very humid outside ...
I was not sleeping in my own room ...
My regular routines were out of whack ...
I felt too tired to go running, even after they left ...

What I learned ...

1. I really am an early morning runner. If I do not get out first thing in the morning, I won't go running at all.
2. The heat/humidity truly affects me. Good to know for future reference as a treadmill for winter running AND hot summer running may be worth the investment ...
3. I am keeping my running up because I am "routine-ized."

I need to use this post for future reference. I now know what I need to do in the future to ensure my running does not get interrupted for such a long period of time.

HOWEVER, having said that, my body felt strong today while running and I felt GREAT after the run. I am thinking that a bit of a break in the last few weeks, in addition to to not running this past week, gave my body a needed rest, and has better prepared me for the next few months because my HALF MARATHON TRAINING officially begins this week! :)

Monthly Review - JULY 2010

120.9 km TOTAL

15 hours 45 minutes TOTAL

Monday, August 2, 2010

Week ONE of Half Marathon Training - August 2-8

Monday 7K
Tuesday OFF
Wednesday 8K
Thursday 6K
Friday 5K
Saturday OFF