Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Token Week Off from Official Training - 8K

8.25 km @ 56:55
Avg. Pace 6:53/km
Moving Pace 6:49/km

FOUR SECONDS off from achieving a personal milestone!

All 8 km+ were sub-7:00/min except the 3rd km ... when I stopped to let Wallace expel and took my time picking it up and dropping it in a garbage can. :) A dog poop made me miss my personal milestone of running a regular, every day run at a sub-7:00/km pace in all splits. If I wasn't so happy about my results, I'd call that shitty! :)

I took yesterday off as a rest day ... as I always do after a race. Today I checked my June-November schedule (posted here) and decided it was best for me to stick with my original plan for this week being a 'token week off from training' (reduced running), and to start my half marathon training officially next week. I scheduled myself for an 8K today.

I also decided that I had had enough of the Garmin for awhile. I switched the display panels to "1" only - Distance. For the next nine weeks (1 week "token" + 8 weeks "Road Work"), I will run without checking time, pace, average pace, etc. I will record it; I just won't know my results until I download them later.

I ran with Wallace and Angus today, and they were happy to be out with me for a run. They have not gone out with me running as frequently in the last little while due to races that replace long runs, hill work, tempo runs, and track work, but that will change for the next nine weeks. Welcome back to running all the time with your mama, boys!

My run went very well. It was a beautiful day and perfect for running. I was happy and smiling at everyone who passed me on the path. I felt a little sluggish and honestly felt like I running a little slower than usual, which I half expected so I didn't think anything of it.

Well, my eyes nearly *bugged* out of my head when I downloaded my results and saw what I really ran. :) And when I realized it was the dog poop pick-up during the 3rd km that "ruined" my personal, milestone achievement, I had a good laugh because I distinctly recall myself taking the time to clean up the doggie doo-doo while thinking, it doesn't matter today how quickly I pick this up because this is just an easy run. :) :) Can you believe that?!?! :)

Not bad for a birthday run, eh? :) :)

Day off tomorrow, but I have Kundalini yoga in the evening. A run is scheduled for Thursday and I have Friday off.


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  1. It's your BIRTHDAY???!!!!!!! (Happy birthday!)
    It sounds like an amazing achievement - running sub 7kms! And not even pushing it, AMAZING! Well done :D