Saturday, June 18, 2011

Race Prediction - Go the Distance 8K

25 degrees Celsius with humidity is predicted for my race this evening.

Last year's results:
Pace 7:04/km

Best regular 8K run this year:
Pace 6:54/km

My pace in my PR 10K:

So I predict this ... I can't help but to PB in this race because my regular 8K runs this year are faster. However, this 8K PR was established in hot, humid weather. It was a tough race then for everyone, and it is looking that way again tonight. :(

I will be happy with a time of 55 minutes (my favourite number doubled) or under. This means a 6:52/km pace. A cross between 6:54 and 6:41, which I think is a little too conservative, but if I am huffing and puffing and completely parched like I was last year, then this is completely realistic!

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  1. Go get em and let it rip but injury free please.