Sunday, June 26, 2011

WEEK 1/17 HM Training - Run #5 LSD 15K

Pace 7:24/km

My first 15K run from start to finish without stopping to walk. Woo hoo! I should be feeling very pleased with it ...

... but I admit that I was a little disappointed to see my pace average upon downloading my watch. :( I knew that it would be slower, but I was hoping for it to be just shy of 7:00/km. I am running this distance again next Sunday so I'm crossing my fingers for a better time. :)

Today I mainly ran on the Thames Valley trail system, starting at the Children's Museum, east and then north along the river through Gibbons Park, through the university, around the loop at Richmond St. and back again, past the Children's Museum toward the sewage plant and back again. The trail was filled with people on this truly beautiful, sunny morning. There were a significant number of running groups out together - it almost felt odd to be a lone runner because there were so many! There were a lot of cyclists and walkers as well so it kept me on my toes navigating Wallace and myself around other dogs, little children, etc. Close to the end of my run, I watched as a large group wearing backpacks walked en-masse from a parking lot to the path, and then organize themselves into a marching formation. They were about 30 people strong and quite intimidating! Fortunately, this was right at my turning point so I made a U-turn in front of them, bypassing them altogether. :)

Although my run was steady and consistent, I had challenges with my conception of distance. Almost every time I checked my Garmin for distance, I was disappointed in how much further I had to go. :( My run today just felt super long and it dragged on. I felt this especially during the the last 5K so I am assuming that I just need to acclimatize myself to longer distances. I am running this same distance next week, and 16K will soon become a mainstay on my schedule so given some time, this, too, shall pass.

Rest day tomorrow. :)

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