Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WEEK 2/17 HM Training - Run #1 10K

10.04 km @1:12:59
Avg Pace 7:17/km
Avg. Moving Pace 7:05/km

For me, today's run ended up being a very interesting one. :)

Angus, Wallace and I headed out extra early in an effort to avoid the heat and humidity predicted for the day. It still ended up being very muggy, and I was wet from sweating when I arrived home (it truly is summer now!). Today was my last 6 mile/10K on a Tuesday. As of next week, my training schedule turns all Tuesday runs into 7 mile/11.5K - it is the one day on my schedule that will remain consistently the same distance until the end of October/my training schedule.

Today is also "Thrill Hill Tuesday." I committed myself to running up a hill I have usually avoided so I forced myself (yes, literally forced myself!) to head toward it at the end of my run today.

Initially, I was expecting my run to be sluggish, not only because of the weather/mugginess, but because of the fitness class I attended last night. I tried a "Body Sculpt" class for the first time at my fitness club. I am really going to try to make it to these type of classes more often in an effort to boost my metabolism/strength/fitness for the next seven weeks. By doing this, I am sure that my runs may suffer somewhat in the short term (sluggish legs, a little more tired). However, in the long term, I think this will benefit my running (more muscle, less fat = go faster!), and that this is the time to do it ... when my training program is focused solely on road work/mileage.

This class caught me a little off guard because I have never had to line up in a long line before. When I walked into the club early, there was already a line-up of women waiting for the instructor to arrive. Wow! Clearly a very popular class, and I soon learned why. It was 45 minutes of excellent arm work and leg work with a barbell, free weights, and tension rope. I really enjoyed it. I purposely kept my selection of weights lighter and ended up thankful that I did because the instructor makes us do quite a few repetitions! There was plenty of squats and lunges, and this is why I am discussing this class more in depth than usual - I knew that I would be feeling it the next morning!

To my surprise, my legs and arms felt great this morning - just a little stiff when I was expecting to be a little sore:

1 km - 7:10

But this is what surprised me when I looked at my results later:

2 km - 6:35

Wow! I ran this during my warm-up when I usually feel a little sluggish? :) And then, look! It shows up again:

3 km - 7:12
4 km - 6:31

Sweet! And then this is when I am running up the hill behind Storybook Gardens:

5 km - 7:07
6 km - 6:53

And then, woo hoo! Three times the charm!

7 km - 6:39

But by now, I am feeling my tiredness and the mugginess ...

8 km - 6:42

And this is when I stop to walk a steep incline from the path up to Wonderland Road, and for a short distance along the bridge ... and then I am stopped at the traffic lights at Riverside Drive ...

9 km - 9:18

Finally, this is when I can start running again and I run 3/4 of the way up my nemesis Riverside hill before needing to stop to walk to the crest, and slowly running to my 10K finish:

10 km - 8:28

So! A nice surprise for me to see some faster times, especially when it didn't "feel" like I running a 6:30-ish pace. I am not expecting the same results tomorrow because right now I can really feel the after-effects of last night's class combined with a 10K run! :( And even though I want to excuse myself, I am heading back to the gym with Ben tonight to try another class, "Rock Bottom," so I can determine which one will suit my goals best. :)

An 8K is schedule for tomorrow. Expect a slow and sluggish run report! :)

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