Saturday, June 25, 2011

WEEK 1/17 HM Training - Run #4 7K

There is not too much to report on today's run. It was originally a 6.5K, but I turned it into a 7K (I'm a little tired of the .5 runs, when translated from imperial measurement into metric; therefore, I am just going to round them up from now on).

In spite of it being a less-than-stellar week of running, I have stuck to the plan and ran all the mileage I was scheduled to run for Week One of my HR training plan.

William Wallace and I ran in the misty rain from our place along the paths to downtown London, and along the river through Gibbons Park/UWO and back to walking bridge and home again. It was a nice and easy run. :) I have a 14.5K (15K) scheduled for tomorrow and I am aiming to run it from beginning to end without walking for the first time so I purposely kept today's slower and easier than usual.

Today is Wallace's birthday. :) Three years ago, I was fostering dogs for two different animal rescue groups, and I was sent a dog, Angel, from Ohio who surprised us all by swelling with pregnancy while she was here! On June 25th, she delivered eight puppies. I was with her and helped to deliver puppy #2 (Wallace) as he made his entry into the world. He ended up being the Alpha dog of the litter, and quite the character! He also proved early on that he was not going to leave our house! He gravitated toward me once his eyes opened and as soon as he could move. For the next eight weeks, he seemed more attached to me than his own mother. He also preferred to play with our then 6-month old puppy, Angus, more often than his own siblings. We had Frasier, my beloved, mature hound dog and Ben's dream-come-true lab puppy so we had no intention of extending our family at the time. But William Wallace a.k.a. Wally a.k.a. Wallage a.k.a Licky a.k.a Wallabean did an excellent job of endearing himself to all of us so that by the time the adoption interviews were being conducted and processed, he was no longer available. :)

I was looking at him today, running perfectly and happily by my side. I still miss Kim's beautiful cadence and joy while running with me, but I am very fortunate by how well Wallace has filled this void. He runs with glee and joy ... so many people smile when they see him running with me because he clearly loves it and wears an incredibly happy face. He is extremely loyal and will stay by my side, keeping pace, for as long as I run. He is the perfect running companion for me while I train for my half marathons in the fall. :)

Happy 3rd Birthday, William Wallace! :) (He is 28 years old in dog years, according to my vet's wall chart, for his size).


  1. LOL! Bonus points if you can figure out who Angus was named after. :)