Thursday, June 9, 2011

Race Week Taper - Roller Coaster High Thursday

On Wednesday, I was supposed to do a track workout. My achilles tendon, although much improved after a day of rest and icing, was still feeling a little tender. I opted NOT to run. :( :(


Today, (Thursday), my achilles tendon was fine, but I was nervous about doing something with it. However, I was nervous about not doing something with it, especially with my last track workout scheduled. My conundrum!

I opted to go to the track and I am really, really glad that I did! It ended up being a stress reliever, an ego booster, and a bit of a phew!

Warm-up: 1.9km + 4 striders @12:47
Pace 6:53/km

Walked/ran this warm-up because I wanted to take it easy (and I encountered several red lights)


Workout #1: 2:38 / 5:52

Workout #2: 2:12 / 5:31

Workout #3: 2:18 / 5:46

Workout #4: 2:20 / 5:51

Workout #5: 2:24 / 5:59

Workout #6: 2:14 / 5:35

Cool-down: 1.2 km @11:35
Pace 9:17/km
Ditto - wanted to take it easy (I was pooped!) and I encountered red lights.

My achilles tendon was just fine. It usually is when it's warmed up, but I am a very "Nervous Nelly" about it (especially during race week !!!!!!!!!). No problem at all on the track.

Ideally, I should have been taking it easier and running the 6:03 scheduled pace on all my laps, but I skipped my 6.5K/4 miles easy earlier in the week. I also felt comfortable running these paces.

I have been icing my achilles tendon and so far so good. :) Rest day tomorrow and an easy 3K / 2 miles is scheduled for Saturday.


I went to Kundalini yoga Wednesday night, and I credit it with my relaxed run this a.m. It always gives me what I need. I needed an arm and shoulder stretch and felt fabulous after. :) Love love love this class. :)

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