Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 2/17 HM Training - Run #3 12K

12K @1:26:24
Avg. Pace 7:13/km
Moving Pace 7:06/km

Boo yah! I'll substitute my usual Woo hoo! for a Boo yah! just to add a bit of variety. :)

I am using my jumping with joy cartoon girl because I ran 12K solid and steadily this morning, including my nemesis Riverside Drive hill ... this after the last three days worth of runs and fitness classes so not only am I happy, but somewhat surprised! :)

I slept solidly last night. I headed to bed extra early because I was so exhausted. :( It felt good to wake up this morning and realize that my sleep was so deep. I felt rested and better prepared for this run, and fortunately, my muscles weren't as sore as I expected them to be, but just a little stiff.

I was scheduled for 7 miles/11.5K. Wallace, Angus and I headed out together in the cooler, early morning weather. I really noticed today how perfectly in sync the three of us run together now. The dogs have learned very well how to run with me, and it's not uncommon for me to even forget that they are even there because the leashes are slack / not tugging at my waist (I'm still using my old water belt as part of this doggie ensemble) and they are at heel instead of running ahead excitedly. They have become better at ignoring other dogs along the way, too. :)

I held my speed back a bit and tried my best to keep this an eas"ier" workout because of my desire to run the full 12K (rounding up these darn .5s!), and after my success making it up the full hill last Thursday, I felt somewhat pressured to do it again today. :)

Today the bottom of the hill started at the end of my 10th km and the top was partially through my 11th km. Check this out:

10 km - 7:25/km (includes a stop and walk at the traffic lights)

11 km - 7:06

Smiles, everyone, smiles! This is great!

And then to finish this achievement, it makes me happy to see that I just completed 12K as a training, regular every day run, and not as an LSD.

And I have to add this - it did not feel half as long as that 15K from last Sunday felt!

No fitness club today. I'm taking a break. Just the run. :)

Tomorrow I have a rest day. We are having a BBQ/guests Saturday night so I may switch my Sunday 15K with my Saturday 7K instead to make sure that, in case we have a very good time :), I will be minimally affected. :)

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