Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Race Week Taper - Gut-wrenching Tuesday

I took yesterday off as a rest day after Sunday's race. My stomach and I were still feeling at odds so I was happy to not run again feeling so cruddy. I skipped Monday night regular yoga, too. :(


However, today (Tuesday), my Race Week Schedule had a 6.5K on the docket ...

But I didn't run. At 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday, I woke up when a thunderstorm rolled in ... and because my left achilles tendon was throbbing ...

Anyone who has followed this blog from the beginning knows that I had a serious problem with my left achilles tendon last December. I thought it was okay now, and although I still feel tenderness there every once in awhile, I feel tenderness in different spots (my shins, my hip sockets) at various times over various weeks and considered it par for the course with running as my body adjusts "skelator-ily" every six months (muscles is three months; cardiovascular system is 2-3 weeks).

But when you wake up in the night with a former running injury throbbing the same week as a race you have been training for for 14 weeks, you don't feel okay. I am feeling really, really upset.

I have been icing the area often, and when I am able to, trying to elevate it. I want to be in my 5K race so badly, I am willing to not run at all this week. I will have to play this by ear.

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  1. Can't offer much help, but lots and lots of positive thoughts!