Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary! My Blog is One Year Old :) :)

So I started this blog one year ago - WOW!

Here is my first post ... there is a significant difference between what I wrote then compared to how I write my blog posts now. :)

I have also given my blog a facelift, as you can see, and there will be a few more edits to it over the next few days as I try to figure out how to make some additional improvements to it. It was a little challenging to work with the original darker background so I have now opted for a white one, enabling me to have a little more fun with colour. :)

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who checks in on this blog faithfully, periodically, and sporadically. :) I started this blog a year ago because my attempts to join a running group and to develop running partnerships had pretty much gone south. :( I was too slow for anyone in the running group to want to run with me, and my running partners were not dedicated to running in the same way that I was trying to be. :( I was feeling a little lost and "running lonely" when I decided to put it out there in a blog online.

This is what has held me accountable. This is what helps to keep me motivated to run 4-5 times per week. This fuels my desire for slow and consistent improvement. This blog shows me how much I want to be an endurance runner, even on those days when it just doesn't feel possible. I now have all this recorded history as I continue to work toward running my first full marathon.

Very, very, very cool! :) :) :)

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