Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cancelled Wednesday Run with Half Marathon Tips

I didn't run today ...

I am sure there are so many runners who cancelled their training runs because of the heat and humidity, or who used treadmills instead. However, after yet another terrible night without sleep (it's been a terrible week for me for sleeping well), not only was I feeling just fried today, but I nursed a consistent, dull migraine for the whole day as well. I was hoping that if it disappeared by this evening, I would head to the gym to get my 10K + 6 striders done, but unfortunately, it's still there. :( :(

On the positive side, I am finally caught up on my blog! :) My Summer Night 5K Race Report is now posted with pictures.

Also, a DailyMile friend posted this link today and it's just excellent. I learned from it because it provided me with more insight into my training plan runs:

Seven Training Tips for Your First Half Marathon

Now I am off to bed. I hope to deeply sleep for a change and then tackle my scheduled 12K with my Thrill Hill early in the morning before the hotter-than-Mexico temperatures hit. :)

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