Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 6/17 HM Training - Run #1 11.5K

Woo hoo! Week Six of HM training begins ...

Today was better in terms of humidity and heat. The air was not half as thick as it was over the weekend and the heat was in the 20's rather than in the 30's C degrees. However, it still wasn't my ideal running conditions, but I made the best of it.

I took William Wallace and Angus with me today because it was cooler. Angus slowed as usual near the end, but he was a trooper. Wallace could run forever, I think. :)

The good thing about today's run was that it felt strong. 11.5K is becoming easier for me to run as a regular weekly run. :) It felt like a good run and when I looked at my splits, I saw that it one of my best so far in this heat in this distance. Once again, I saw multiple golden splits and my pace when running ALL the way up Riverside Hill a.k.a. Thrill Hill was not that much slower. I actually had to look for that split because it didn't jump out at me as a noticeable, slower split. :)

I did not go to my "Rock Bottom" class again tonight. I intended to, especially because the day's humidity and heat was not as energy-sapping as in the last few weeks. However, I am suffering from another migraine tonight, one that is giving me significant grief, so I am keeping this post short so I can head to bed early. Hopefully, I can sleep this one off in time for my 10K + 8 striders run early in the a.m.