Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week 3/17 HM Training - Run #4 16K

This is Evil-Lyn, an evil witch from Masters of the Universe.

She might be evil, but she looks quite victorious in this pic so I'm still using her image ...

I have absolutely no time to post ... I have a wedding I am scrambling to get ready for but I won't have time to post again until Sunday night so here's the quick, happy details ...

a.k.a. The Cruise Control Run

16K @1:59:02
Pace 7:26/km

I did it! I ran 16K from start to finish without stopping. I had a "swoop the poop" slow down moment for Wallace and I had a large group of seniors walking along the path stall me at one point, but other than these incidents, I was literally on 'cruise control' and this was my mantra for the run, too - "stay on cruise control!"

Must run ..... Have a great running weekend. The odds that I will be skipping my run tomorrow are very high ....

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