Friday, July 15, 2011

Race Prediction - Summer Night 5K

It feels like quite a long time since I last did this! :)

Tonight I have another evening run - a 5K. And it will be the fourth time that I run in this race. Very very cool!

As much as I wish I could be typing "SUB-30" as my prediction for this evening, I am a REALIST and I know this is not possible without potentially trying to kill myself! And my training schedule, as lacklustre as it has been this week, is still more important to me than running sub-30. I am simply not a hot weather, evening/after dinner type runner, and I know that this race has a energy-sapping hill after the 4K mark so yes, maybe someday, but this is what I want to accomplish:

1. Sub-33 minutes. I honestly will be happy with a time of 32 and change ...

2. There is another runner within my pace range who usually inches ahead of me in the 5K races in both running series. I watched as she ran past me at the end of the last London race while I was concentrating on pacing/running with another runner. This runner is beating me points-wise, and I likely won't catch up this way, but by golly! At least I can beat her time in a few races for the rest of the season, right? :) :)

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