Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 6/17 HM Training - Run #3 8K (Not 13K)

It's not often I post something like this, but today's run sucked! :(

I ran 8K today and I ran it at the pace I have been running at in the heat and humidity so at least that's something. However, I'm disappointed that the wheels came right off at this point, and in spite of my valiant efforts to run/walk the rest of the way in order to still claim a 13K, I couldn't do it. I just gave up.

It's funny how often I read that running is a great "de-stressor" and how ideal it is when someone has a lot on his or her mind, but I find that the reverse can be true, too. Sometimes trying to get the run done adds to the stress rather than alleviating it ... and then the stress is compounded when the run doesn't go well. :( I really should have cancelled it and taken today as a rest day instead.

To make matters worse, it's the THIRD time in the last three weeks that my scheduled 13K on Thursdays hasn't happened:

1. Today - 8K only (too tired; too muggy for me too handle after the rain)

2. Last week - 0K (migraine on Wednesday, and then opted to do Wednesday's workout with striders on a treadmill the following day)

3. Two weeks ago - 11K only (too hot and humid for me)

I don't think I was the only unhappy camper out there. Most of the runners I ran by today were not very friendly. I smiled and nodded at a lot of people, but no one acknowledged me back. In fact, I had one runner run my out of my lane. :( All runners, walkers, cyclists, etc. keep to the right side of the yellow line on the Thames Valley Path. As I was running around this curve and down, this man ran up and at me. I expected him to move to his right to his proper lane, but it soon became clear that he had no intention of doing so - he looked like he was ready to run me over unless I moved so I frowned and moved left to accommodate him. It's rare that something like this happens and it's weird that he refused to move into his proper lane, especially since I was likely not the first and not the last person he did that to today. :(

The only good news I have to share - I have officially run over 800 km this year.

Tomorrow is a rest day and then it's 8K + 8 striders on Saturday followed by a rematch with 19.5K, which I might be reconsidering. 18K sounds more of a reasonable goal for me to set than the training program's 12 miles. We'll see.


  1. I wish I had something inspirational to say but alas i do not. Too much medically going on for me and my mind is not there but here is my best attempt.

    Good job getting out there and do not look at it as a failure. It is just a bad day, Enjoy the day off and take a few easy running days. I think this will really help.

  2. I agree that it was just a bad day. It is what it is. :) I appreciate your words, especially when you have something much more important occupying your mind. Hang in there, William. :) Take it one day at a time and you will do fine. :)