Sunday, August 29, 2010


Pace 7:26 min/km

This was a strange race. Even before race day, it was proving to be an odd race because it wasn't well organized (the race course was changed; the start times were posted on the website; links on the website did not work; etc.).

Picking up my swag bag and race number wasn't a problem; the tech shirt was very RED and it fits so this was a nice benefit. The line-up for one stall in the women's washroom was so long, I knew I would not get to use it before the race started. Fortunately, the runner I was standing behind was encouraged by my comments to join me in line at the men's washroom, and soon we had several women joining us. We literally took it over! :) Thank goodness because I really needed to use it before the run! :)

There wasn't a distinctive race start. En masse, we walked across the park to a roadway where the race started on an incline (?!?!). I turned to Ben and told him that I was probably NOT going to crack 1:10 today ....

The run itself was very boring, similar to Embro. There was nothing scenic about it. We literally ran all the way to the Cambi plant and then ran all the way around it. This meant that we were running alongside the 401 for a stretch - ick! I had to occupy myself mentally by keeping focused on passing one runner and then her friend in the first 2K. I saw them run out too fast together and knew that I would probably end up passing them. There were two other runners in front of me the rest of the way, but I never caught up to them. They were fairly steady in their pace so kudos to them for being my beacon!

I did not go through all of my water, and I did start stopping for water just to toss on my head after a few sips. It was really hot and the sun beat down on us for most of the race. There were times when I hit "my zone" but for the most part, it just wasn't that enjoyable of a race. Running through a field between the road and a subdivision just wasn't pleasant and nearly getting hit by a truck in the parking lot WHILE RUNNING IN MY RACE wasn't a great experience. However, I kept my sense of humour when reaching one of the water stations. It was on the "other" side of a railroad track, and as I approached, I had to stop because of a locomotive moving in my path! After it passed, I crossed the track, drank my water, and told the volunteer that I had never had that happen to me before! :) :)

I was surprised, and delighted (!), that I have enough oomph! to run fast to the finish line and make it under 1:15 according to the clock so my chip time should be 1:14+. Ben let go of Angus after I passed and I heard people make an "awww!" sound so I knew then that he was running with me. :) :) This was a sweet moment.

Thankfully, I have looked at my results, and I am now feeling better about my run. I ran 1:14:08 in Embro. I did this race, with hot sun and hills, at the exact same pace and time, so it does show some improvement. :) I ran my first 10K last year in the fall. I now have three upcoming 10K races this fall so I am sure that I will be able to set a new PR at one of them! :)

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