Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8K Interval Run

8K - 1:04:42
Pace 8:04 min/km

Today I set my Garmin on interval workout and tried the method of 10:1 run/walk. I wanted to see how I would do with the interval training, and I wanted to test my watch prior to heading out on a 14K run using this method.

The watch worked great. I could set it for the 10:1, which would ring like an alarm when I needed to walk and when I needed to run. I set it for 5 intervals, concluding that 55 minutes of interval training was approximately the time I needed for running a 8K, knowing that I would have to add some mileage/time at the end of the workout to make it an 8K.

I liked it - it worked. Both the watch and the run/walk method. I wish I could switch back to my usual pace/time/distance settings on the Garmin during the interval workout because I found my pace was off-kilter today, but the run/walk alarm worked well. My time for the 8K today did not improve, but I am not wanting to use the 10:1 method for my shorter runs - I only want to use it on Saturdays when I do my endurance long runs.

The run itself was good. I went a little too far again and realized when running back that I still have my "old" 8K route in my head, when I used to do a "there & return" path, whereas my "newer" route includes going through Greenway park, hence the added mileage without realizing there was a difference. :( Oh well - longer cool down walk ...

My little Wallace joined me on today's run. I discussed it with Ben and we think he will be fine running with me on my long runs so I am taking him with me on Saturday for my 14K. If he does alright with it, I will start taking him regularly and take Angus twice during the week instead.

There is a partially blind man who walks in Springbank Park every morning. I always say, "Good morning!" to him when I run past him, and then, "Deja vu good morning!" to him when I pass him again on the way back. It's nice to have him as a regular on my runs! He is very friendly. I always say good morning to runners who initiate the "good morning" acknowledgment to me, and I smile at runners who look like they are beginners or who look like me. I no longer bother saying hello to elite-looking runners (unless they are one of the runners who initiate saying hello to me) because they rarely respond.

It was humid again today. I really look forward to a break from it!

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