Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wk5/D5 - 10K

10K @1:10:31
Pace 7:03/km

Week #5 Total = 39 km (3.9 km more than last week)

I ran by myself today. We planned to take the dogs out to the woods to run them silly for the afternoon so it gave me an opportunity to run solo this morning. And guess what? :)

2 minutes 10 seconds faster than last Saturday! :) A new non-race PR ... I was 14 seconds slower than my 2nd fastest 10K from last year in Stratford 10K - LOL! I am becoming a numbers/stats analyst. :) I am genuinely surprised. I did not look at my Garmin once the whole time I was running. I just let the run happen as it was meant to - I assumed that after this tough week, it was unlikely that my time would be anything significant. As soon as I made it to the Wharncliffe St. bridge, which is my marker for the end of my standard 10K route, I checked my watch for mileage and watched it tick toward 10.01K before stopping it. I was curious to see my time when I uploaded it, out of usual interest after a run, but my eyes bugged out when I saw my actual time. :)

As a result, I am feeling very good about my upcoming 10K next Sunday, the Run for Retina. My original (and only) goal for this race was just to run it - I am thrilled at the prospect of running a 10K race *period* so early in the year. It is APRIL and I am running a 10K race; I didn't feel ready to run in a 5K race at this point last year so woo hoo! I consider this an accomplishment all in itself. :)

However, it was only today, after clocking yet another 10K in the 1:10 zone, that I started to think that I might be able to PR in this run, too. :) I am guesstimating that I might be able to run it in ~1:05. :) :) A significant step closer to cracking "10K in under 60 minutes," my next goal this running season after getting the "5K in under 30 minutes" monkey off my back! :) :)

I also want to give a lot of credit to the yoga classes I have taken for the last 4-5 weeks. I noticed it already during my last run, but took note of it again today. My breathing is much better; I find that I am starting to concentrate on it more and that it is better. The breathing exercises are really paying off! Also, my upper body/shoulders were so relaxed while running today. :) I swear they felt like they were a couple of inches lower than when I usually run, and it was very comfortable/relaxed. During the last 3K of my run, I noticed how my shoulders tightened and raised up, something I have never given much thought to until today. Very interesting! I am going to pay greater attention to this.

No fitness club today - we walked in the woods all afternoon instead. We really really missed Kim during our walk - his absence leaping over logs and jaunting alongside us was palpable. :( Wallace and I are still hurting.

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