Friday, April 8, 2011

Training Program Change and Race Prediction

I've been thinking ..... can you smell the wood burning through your screen? :)

Two things on my mind today and here are my conclusions:

#1 - Small Change to My Training Program

My Week #6 essentially has been upended. My striders were a bust on Tuesday, I cancelled the second set today due to exhaustion, and I've tapered my week to accommodate this weekend's Run for Retina 10K. Rather than skip ahead to Week #7 on Monday, I've decided to repeat Week #6. Three weeks worth of six striders twice per week are scheduled for a reason so I am respecting the training program as it was laid out, and will continue to follow it in sequence rather than skipping ahead. For me, I think this is wise.

#2 - Sunday Race Predictions

I usually don't do this ... in fact, this is my first time! :) However, given the circumstances, I think I can do it this time. I have been running my regular 10K runs at a faster pace in recent weeks, a pace equivalent to my 10K race pace from last year. For this reason, I think I can predict a new PR for myself on Sunday. :)

Now, just to clarify, I am just tickled pink that my current running fitness level is such that I can run in a 10K race in April, so this in itself is cause for celebration! :) And regardless of any time, I am pleased about this ... honestly! But having said that, anything under 1:09:00 will make me one happy camper. :) :) I know that I will not run this race in under one hour because my pace is just not there yet. I still have plenty of time ahead of me this summer to become a member of this "club" so I don't have this kind of expectation this weekend. I am guess-timating that my average pace will be within the 6:30/km range, which means a result in the 1:05:00 zone. If this ends up being the case, I will be extremely happy. :)

I am really looking forward to Sunday. I think it is going to fun, running a race on the paths that I use on a weekly basis, only this time surrounded by "a few more" runners than usual!! :) :)


  1. I think you are ready for this breakthrough. I am glad to see that you are being realistic as well. You never know what will happen when the run starts, but trust your training and know that you are prepared.

    Another week at week 6 will be just fine and also a smart move. If you are not ready to move up than do not. No sense trying to push it and hurt yourself. Staying focused is the key.

  2. Thank you for your support, @Runnerbill. :) I truly appreciate it! My first goal always is to run injury-free. I also do not want to lose the fun I am having by putting unwanted pressure on myself; too much of that in life to choose to compound it with more! :)