Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wk6/D3 - Easy 7.5K Replacement, a Race Kit and a New Water Belt :)

7.5K @55:01
Avg. Pace 7:20/km

It's a good sign that my pace is decreasing significantly before my Run for Retina 10K this Sunday, right? :) :)

Before I write about my run ... I picked up my race kit for the Run for Retina 10K this Sunday, but unfortunately, I do not have our camera to take pictures my *gorgeous* new jacket and swag bag for this blog. :( Ben has our camera with him in Texas along with our cell phone so I am SOL when it comes to sharing pictures with you of this event ... oops! Sorry! Instead, here are a few photos I took last December during a run with the intention of posting on this blog. This bridge is located on Riverside Drive, at the fork of the Thames River. Downtown London is to the immediate right. All of us who are participating in the 10K race will be running under this bridge at the early start and late end of the race on our out 'n back route. Harris Park, where the start/finish line will be set up, is located just on the other side of this bridge.

These pictures actually segue into my post about today's run because this is where I ran today, too! My training program scheduled me for an easy 10K today so I decided to run the race route "backwards," as in parking at the "turn-around" point of the race route by the former Guy Lombardo Museum (now a community centre), running the first leg of my run toward Harris Park, and returning to my parking spot.

The run started off very well; the weather was terrific for running - sunny, but not too warm, with a nice cooling breeze. I ran at a perfect time and was able to enjoy my run just for the sake of running. I only checked in with my Garmin a few times to ensure I was slowing my pace. I was very strict; I kept "coaching" myself to keep the run very, very easy, and as you can see by my slower average pace posted above, I did a very good job of it. :) It was just a great day to be outside, and I really enjoyed being out with Angus and Wallace. They were wonderful running partners and Wallace wore a big grin the whole time. :)

Around 6.5K, when I was returning through Greenway Park, I started feeling very tired. Earlier in the day, I attended a Chiseled class at the fitness club, and it was amazingly tough - I dripped a lot of sweat throughout this class! I knew when I left it that I just made my intended easy 10K much later in the day a whole lot tougher! :( As much as I wanted to stick to my training program, I knew that tapering my week somewhat in lieu of Sunday's race was a much better idea. This is why I shortened my scheduled run by cutting through Greenway Park, and by stopping within decent walking/stretching range of my vehicle, resulting in a 7.5K. I think I made a wise decision. :)

So! I am also posting the following because it has to do with running ... I went to Runner's Choice this evening for a new water belt. Ta da! The Nathan Speed 4.

I actually admired it on another blog I found inadvertently earlier this week, but I truly didn't go to my running store with the intention of buying one. I still had a Christmas gift card and just wanted any sort of water belt with plastic holders rather than elastic. It was only when I arrived home and paid closer attention to it that I realized it was the same one I had admired. Still give credit to the power of subliminal suggestion? :) I drink a ton of water when I am running, hence the choice of 4 bottles versus 2. My sister never carries water, and she runs entire half marathons without stopping to drink at water stations, too! However, I am the complete opposite. I noticed last year at all my races that I was usually one of the few people who actually wore a water belt; most 5K race participants don't, but I do! :) :) I have to say, I have never regretted carrying one because I often need a few squirts for my dry mouth. I am also very anal about not having now when I feel thirst. :) This is either a reflection of how hot it was last summer in Ontario, or how poorly hydrated I am!

But I digress ... Runner's Choice was smoking busy because their Learn-to-Run clinic was starting tonight, and they were caught off guard by the number of people showing up to register in person. Clearly the good weather this week has motivated people - a great sign to see! :) It was wonderful to see both Gerda and Paul, and even better to see such a great running store buzzing with activity. :)

After picking up my belt, I headed several blocks away to the Running Room to pick up my race kit. It was smoking busy, too! Their Learn-to-Run clinic was in session with excellent attendance, and the store front was busy with other clinic members warming up for their group run. Compound this by the line-up of people picking up their kits, and it was a happening place to be, too! A lot of people in line were picking up group kits; I think I was the only one asking for a solo bib and kit! One man in front of me walked away with 17 jackets/kits so I am assuming some school groups or run clubs are registered for this run. I also saw posters apologizing to people for closing the 5K and 10K registration. Apparently, this run's registrations exceeded their expectations, and for the first time, they had to close it/limit it. How terrific for them! This race is looking like it will be a big event. :)


  1. Great job on your run today! I am doing the Retina Half on is going to feel like 29 degrees so the fuel belt will be needed! Good luck!!

  2. I hope to follow your lead and run the half marathon next year, @lish! Good luck on your second 1/2 marathon at this event !!