Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wk7/D2 - 8K

8.04K @57:05
Pace 7:06/km

Blackfriar Bridge - downtown London is the right as I run northward to and through Gibbons Park to the university's edge before returning.

I am going to try to keep this short because my previous posts have been verbose! :)

This is my fastest 8K regular run to date. :) I have inched out of the teens and I am now a hair away from cracking 7 min/km on a regular basis during my runs. I think May will be my month for doing this. :)

Three Milestones to Keep a Watch For:
1. First non-race run in which all splits are sub-7 min/km pace
2. First week of runs which are all under a sub-7 min/km pace
3. First week in 2011 my mileage in one week exceeds 40K

I had a great run today with the boys. I did not do Tuneless Tuesday. I did remember that it was Tuesday before I headed out the door, but I chose Tuesdays originally because it was the day on which I ran my shortest runs. Since I traded the 6.5K for an 8K today, I didn't hold myself to the 'Tuesday' part of the equation. Semantics? Excuses? Absolutely!! I'll punish myself for these games by running without music tomorrow ...

A great day to run. No bright sunshine so sunglasses weren't needed. The breeze was a little too cool at the start, but was welcome after I warmed up and hit my stride. It was very windy in sections, but not at all like what I experienced last weekend so it just doesn't compare. :) The path was great; the temperature was great ... my best 8K run to date. :)

I tried tying my shoes a different way to take the pressure off my big toe on my left foot. I used this article from Runner's World as my guide. I thought I would share in case someone reading wants to give one of the four tying methods a try. It worked better for me. :)

I also had success with my water bottles. I used the old, stretched belt for the dogs' leashes and then wore the new belt for me. It felt a little odd to feel two belts on, but it also felt good (?? - along the lines of compression socks and sleeves?) :) It no doubt looks strange, but works well so this will be my new method until I figure something else out. My water bottles didn't leak and didn't pop out of their holders, and that made me happy. :)

Angus was a running champ today. He knew just when to help me pick up the pace and I swear he was in tune with the faster beat music I was listening to as he kept in perfect sync with the beats! I think the cooler temperature today suited him as he does tend to wither in the warmer weather.

No gym tonight - just the run. Kundalini Yoga tomorrow night after my 6.5K + striders.


  1. Great job!!!! You are getting stronger...just wait until the nice weather..you'll be flying!!

  2. I certainly hope this is the case, @lish - I sometimes feel like I have been in that darn 7 min zone forever so making it into the 6 min zone this summer would be awesome! :) Thank you for the encouragement!