Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wk6b/D2 - 10K

10K @1:13:02
Pace 7:19

The view of the Thames River from the Wharncliffe St. bridge ... most of my runs close to home start or end along this bridge.

Today was a beautiful day for a run! It is the kind of day that makes you want to be runner. :)

Unfortunately, I was not in the best shape for a great run on this gorgeous day. :( I had a terrible night of sleep last night. It was very tough to leave my bed this morning. However, I had a full day ahead of me, and like everyone else who still have to function after a short night, I stuck it out and tried not to think about my tiredness. :( I was feeling the after-effects from my speedy striders yesterday, too, so I knew that my planned 10K run was going to be a challenge.

So, armed with a camera, water, and doggie bags, the three of us headed out for a longer, sloooow run. I really wanted to complete the full mileage so I opted to run a much slower pace, and just to take my time, stopping for pictures along the way. I also spent my time concentrating on keeping my shoulders down and relaxed, and keeping my hands loose and relaxed as well. I have a tendency to start clenching my fists after I have been running for awhile, and so I am working on this.

I ran the trail from Wharncliffe St./Children's Museum to downtown, out to Gibbon's Park and all the way to the university edge, and back again. This route is essentially the first leg of the half marathon in the Run for Retina last weekend. It was filled with dog walkers and strollers, and there were a few runners out as well.

I have tomorrow off and then it's 6.5K + 6 striders on Friday. I also have my first 11.5K of the scheduled for Saturday.


I went to the fitness club for the first time in a week last night. I went to Kundalini Yoga - Getting to Know Your Body. After class, the instructor told me that I have clearly become a lot more flexible - positive! - but that we need to focus on my positions on Friday because I need to re-learn some of them - LOL!

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  1. Great job on the run and getting to the gym...I def' need to get back to Yoga!!!