Monday, April 25, 2011

Wk8/D1 - Final 8K During Road Work Phase

8K @58:09
Avg. Pace 7:15/km

I am pleased for me to get this run done! :)

This post will be short for me. :) Promise!

The company is gone, which is sad because I love having them all here so much, but it also a good thing because we can return to "normal." After a weekend binging on chocolate eggs and my mom's famous apple pie, and a much needed nap (!), I headed out late with the boys for a much-later-than-usual run. I just wanted to complete it, and knew not to expect too much from it.

It went better than expected, considering my nutritionally-sad long weekend and lack of proper sleep. :) It was very enjoyable to be out there for just a nice, very easy-going run without caring about striders or pace. A good way for me to end an eventful, busy weekend. :) I spent my time concentrating on relaxing/dropping my shoulders and keeping my hands open/unclenched.

A driver beeped his horn at me to get my attention when I was running along a busy street. When I looked at him, he smiled and stuck his thumb up at me. I am assuming he liked the fact that I was running with two dogs. It was a nice, very sweet, passing moment.

Over the weekend, I discussed my current training program with my sister. She is the one who recommended the book, "How to Run a Personal Record," by Dave Kuehls. I am going to follow the half marathon training program, starting in June. My sister used the half marathon program last year and shaved 1o minutes from her previous PR in the Goodlife Half Marathon, from 1:56:23 to 1:46:20. When I was questioning "only" three weeks of one hill workout per week in the program, she told me to trust the program. She said that she didn't know how, but somehow, it all came together, and that by the time I hit the flat track, the previous 11 weeks of running - road work and strength work - would all make sense ...

My previous posts have been quite long so I will end this one here. Tomorrow - 6.5K + 6 striders. :) This week, I will be crossing into the 40K+ mileage for the week. :) :)

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  1. Your sister is right, get a program that you are comfortable with a stick to it. Let the program do what it is designed to do. Set the goal and go get it.

    Form is super important so make sure you work on it and make sure you have quality runs not quantity runs.