Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wk7/D3 - 6.5K + 6 striders

Pace 7:05/km

Does this bib number look strangely familiar to you? Well, it did to me so I looked at my bib collection and I was #230 back in February at the Really Chilly Road Race! Huh! Auspicious? :) :)

I am a wee bit disappointed in my results above because I was confident when uploading it that my pace would be under 7:00/km. :( I had such a good run and I felt strong throughout most of it. A few times when I checked the Garmin out of curiosity, the pace was always in the 6:00 min/km zone. However, my first two km were slower than usual, and this was largely due to running into the wind; it was pretty wicked until I changed direction! I am sure that having 'the wind at my back' while I completed my striders helped me to feel stronger as well as run faster. :) Just wish my time reflected how good it was.

I ran without music today, too. After yesterday's excuses, I made good on my Tuneless Tues(Wednes)day by leaving my iPod at home, and for the first time, I thoroughly enjoyed my run without it. :) It was so windy the first 2K, all I could hear was the wind, but once it was a tailwind, the world around me became silent. All I could hear was my breathing, the jingle-jingle-jingle of two sets of dog tags, and the birds chirping. I think I had a breakthrough, and will be willing to try this a little more often. :)

The new way I have tied my shoes really works, and my feet were more comfortable today than in previous runs so who knew tightening the shoe around my ankles using loops would prove to make such a difference?

Kundalini yoga was terrific tonight. We worked on the core and took our time "re-learning" poses we have done before, but slower and in more detail. The time really flew by. :) Once again, I am feeling very relaxed and ready for bed early.

It is my rest day tomorrow. I will be posting my race predictions (LOL!) and then at 10:20 a.m. on Good Friday, I will join 671 people (as of tonight) in a mass 5K run. :)


  1. Great Job. Running without music will make you appreciate life more, you get to listen to what you are missing. The shoe lace piece is called the runners knot and I always tie my shoes that way. You can also use the two lace method where you have two laces on from the bottom to half way and then the top lace as the runners knot.

    Reason for the two laces is that you can tie the bottom looser or tighter as required and the same with the tops.

    Don't worry about the pace it will take care of itself. Just stick with the program. Concentrate on breathing from the belly and form. Make every run quality, it really works...

    Keep it going you are doing great.

  2. @Runnerbill - I am going to keep on working at weaning myself from music. :)

    The runners knot improved my shoe fit and I am changing my older pairs over to it as I wear them. I saw the 'two laces' method on the Runner's World site, too, and would like to try it to see how that works for me. Thanks for the feedback.

    I will try not to obsess about my pace. I think I am so focused on it now because I am on that cusp that just doesn't seem to tip over into the 6 minute zone regularly! May will be my month! :)

    As always, thank you so much for the encouragement !!