Friday, April 1, 2011

Wk5/D4 - 6.5K + 4 striders

Pace 7:00/km

For the record, I had a very good run today. :) I just wanted to post that as of today, I get it. It took awhile, but I finally had my "aha" moment.

I am referring to my training program, the one I am following in order to run a 5K in 30 minutes or less. I have had three weeks of easy runs followed by two weeks of striders (4). When I looked ahead on the schedule and realized that by the end of next month, I will be required to run for 20 minute interval runs at race pace, I thought to myself, there is no way that I will be able to do that by then! Is that ever going to be tough!

But not any more.

I realize that my pace posted above does not necessarily reflect this (when compared to my previous strider day paces), but today's run was very strong, as in wow-look-at-me-go!-surprisingly-strong. I physically felt like a true runner looks like ... it was a run when the pace was faster than usual, but good, the breathing was great (thank you, yoga!), the upper body was relaxed and moving well with my lower body ... it was a whole, complete mind-body connection. And after such a tough week of grieving, it felt very, very good. My recovery time after the striders has improved, and I actually contemplated adding a 5th strider just for the heck of it!

But it is only now that I am finally understand why the training program is laid out the way that it is, and why it was important to run so many weeks "easy" to build the foundation before layering it with striders and the next steps. In another two weeks time, I will be stronger and ready for several weeks of hills and tempo runs. I am already seeing through my 1-km splits how the speed is increasing incrementally. Logically, I am really appreciating it! By actually experiencing the development, I am understanding it better. And now, as a result, I am really looking forward to the next month of training to see how I do. :)

I went to a "Chiseled" class yesterday as planned and it kicked my butt from one end of the room to the other - great class! :) I feel it in the back of my legs and butt today (but in a good way!). It didn't negatively affect my today either, a concern from last week. I went to a "Beginner Core Conditioning" class early this morning and it was okay - a different instructor led the class this week so it wasn't quite the workout I was expecting. Ben and I went to the fitness club together this evening, as we are trying to do every Friday. I went to Kundalini yoga, and the instructor now knows my name so I think I am officially a regular! :) The class went much better than on Wednesday; I enjoyed the workout and its meditative qualities. I am going to sleep well tonight .... zzzzzzz

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  1. great to hear the positive outlook of this post.

    The easy runs are so important and difficult to stress to people. All runners want instant results and try to hard to get there. Glad the light has gone on. You will now really start to appreciate the program better with the new understanding. Don't worry so much about the pace it will take care of itself.

    Focus hard on quality runs. Complete what is required and cross train as you are doing and "BIG" things are coming your way. You can see what happens by reading my blog when focus is on quality not quantity.