Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wk8/D2 - 6.5K + 6 striders Tuneless Tuesday

Avg. Pace 7:03/km

Moving Pace 6:56/km

Today's post has the good, the bad, and the ugly ...

The Good
Before she left, my mother gave me money to buy myself a new pair of running shoes. "I can't be there physically for most of your races this summer," she said, "but I can at least support you through your feet when you're running!"

Best.mom.ever. :)

Luckily, my Saucony Progrid Triumph 7 shoes are on sale at Runners' Choice, and with my additional $10 off "Paul" dollars, I saved $80. Woo hoo! The co-owner, who sold them to me, hinted with a smile that they had one pair left in my size in the back ... it just so happens that we have tax return money earmarked for my running and I still have some $10 "Paul" dollars leftover so I may need to scoop that pair up in a few weeks! :)

I also bought a 13.1 sticker and put it on the vehicle today. :)

The Bad
My new shoes are a half size larger - size 8 - than my current running shoes (the exact same brand/colour that I just bought today, but I scooped them up for $100 off from the Running Room at Christmas time. They were a gift for Christmas from Ben). After running in my new shoes today, it confirmed my secret fear ... I have not been running in the right size. My size 7-1/2 shoes fit well when I first purchased them, but after 280 km, I am feeling my left big toe hitting the tip of the shoe. I realize now that my first clue about my foot size was immediately after my Niagara Falls half marathon last October - my one toe nail on my left foot turned black and blue. This dead nail is still in the process of growing out. :( I thought it had to do with running my longest distance at the time; it just didn't occur to me that my arches have fallen more with age, thus making my shoe size requirements larger. It was Runners' Choice that insisted on measuring my feet to double check and sure enough, I am now a Size 8. After today's run, I am not feeling the same twinge in my left ankle and toe that I have felt lately after a run so clearly my new shoe size is much better, but it also means I have the wrong size shoe to alternate running days with. :(

The Ugly
I ruined my own run today. It was a gorgeous sunny late afternoon/evening, but it was windy, which slowed me down. I made the error of checking my Garmin too often. Every time I looked at it, it told me that my pace *sucked*. As a result, my mood deteriorated because I was under the impression that my pace time was slow and my recovery time even slower. Even though it was Tuneless Tuesday today, I can't recall any of the sounds I may have heard during my run because my focus was on my lousy pace. :( When I downloaded my data, and had the opportunity to see how my pace was actually quite good considering the wind I encountered, I was ashamed of my poor attitude. I have no one to blame, but myself, for my lack of enjoyment out there today. :(

Early to bed tonight ... a good sleep will go a long way to making tomorrow's 11.5K in new, correct-size running shoes a good one, along with a better mindset!

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  1. No more negative attitudes OK. We all think that we are running bad but usually surprise ourselves.

    Part of running without music is developing a mental toughness and not looking at the garmin much. I listen to my foot strike and breathing and of course the nature around me.

    Glad you got new shoes and found part of the issue. I found that my new shoes really helped me so have fun and enjoy.