Monday, April 18, 2011

Wk7/D1 -6.5K + 6 striders (altered schedule)

Pace 7:03/km

Before I start on my daily run report, did you watch the Boston Marathon? I watched it on TSN - my first time being able to watch it live on TV - and it did disappoint. WOW! It was sooooo much fun watching it. I loved how the elite wheelchair, women, and men run first, followed by the large, multiple waves of BQ runners. It gave me a whole new appreciation for how many people were the "lucky" ones who registered within the first 7 hours this year. I was very impressed by the roar of the crowd that was non-stop in the background throughout the race. I can understand why this might be a 'complaint' at other marathons - the lack of locals cheering the runners on - because the cheering really does motivate. The men's race was excellent and impressive with a new Boston record and unofficial world record (the tail wind is an issue), but in my opinion, the race to watch was the women's. Full of drama! Kim Smith was just wicked running so much further ahead of the pack. She was awe-inspiring, and it would have been so so so wonderful to see her win the race if she hadn't injured herself by the 18th mile. :( :( I was crushed as a TV viewer seeing this happen. Heartbreaking!

But then Davila cranked it up, and watching her take on Kilel became very exciting. I was on my feet, screaming for her near the end. It was incredible to see Davila battling Kilel for the tape, and for a moment there, it looked like she was going to do it. However, Kilel has very long legs and she ran like a gazelle to her first place finish. I am very happy for her, but I always root for the underdog so to watch Davila trying to pass her at the finish made me cheer for her. Awesome !! Incredible !! Best.race.ever. !!

And Davila just became my new hero. 5'2 and can run like that? I am 5'2 and will pretend I am her from now on when I run! :) :) Here is a little more about Davila at Boston.

And now back to me - LOL!

Quick note about my runs this week: I am not changing my Week #7 Road Work training program so much as I switching the days on which to complete my runs. Although I am not aiming for a sub-30 5K in this Friday's McFarlan Rowlands Downtown 5K (this goal will be achievable by June), I still want to do well in it (better than my first 5K of 2011 at least!). When I looked at my week ahead over the weekend, running 6.5K + 6 striders the day before the race did not make sense to me, especially since those striders usually wear me out! :) I didn't catch this before when I created my calendar and tweaked my training program. This is why I have switched my days around ...

And on another side note, I officially registered for the Forest City Road Races 10K.

The weather did not look good this morning! It snowed and actually accumulated on the ground. :( Although I am someone who enjoys winter and the changing seasons, the sight of snow in April when I am gearing up for the upcoming running season is a little depressing. :( Fortunately, by heading out much later in the day, it turned out to be just fine for running.

My hip was soaked by the 1K mark. I am clearly having problems with the bottles on my new water belt and I have yet to figure out what's causing the leakage. :( I stopped 3X to scoop up fallen water bottles - once to pick up a crushed water bottle. :( It popped out and smack! I squashed it flat with my foot on the ground. Better the bottle than one of my ankles sprained! I am really disappointed after feeling so excited about it. :(

The run itself was very good. I was disappointed to see that all of my bottle scooping and stopping multiple times for the dogs made my average pace exceed 7 min/km, but such is life. One of these days, I will hit that milestone of all splits being under 7 min/km on an average run. :)

I have Kundalini Yoga on Wed. and Fri. with Judy (the only classes), but there is another yoga class with Grace on Mon. evenings that I am trying to attend faithfully in an effort to increase my weekly yoga workouts. For some reason, I was feeling a little sore after today's run so I was extra-motivated to attend yoga for the stretching benefit. I was there on time, waited patiently outside the studio until kickboxing finished, but when I walked in to find a spot, there wasn't any! I guess this must be a popular class because other people knew to hustle to get a spot, and I paid the price for walking in casually. It was so crowded, I couldn't even find an area to politely ask others to let me squeeze in. However, I was determined not to be pushed out so I bit the bullet and took the awkward front spot by the stereo, the spot I knew everyone else was thinking, "I'm glad I'm not her!" :) But in the end, the awkwardness was moot because it was a phenomenal hour of stretching and holding positions; I would have regretted missing it. I came home very relaxed and ready to sleep, and as I finish this post the next day, I can report that I slept like the dead. I am truly enjoying the cross-training using yoga.

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