Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wk8/D3 - Another Drowned Rat Run (12K)

12K @1:25:29
Avg. Pace 7:08/km

This is what Wallace usually looks like after returning home from a run ... :)

My timing for a run today was just stellar <insert sarcasm>. :( The weather was terrific early this morning for running, but alas, the cold, dark winter has changed me from an first-thing-in-the-early-morning runner to a much-later-in-the-day-when-it's-warmer runner; therefore, I was not up with the birds when it was best to run. :) This will need to change this spring.

It rained off and on consistently throughout the day, and we experienced a mild thunderstorm. When I was able to head out for my run, it was fairly clear, but I strongly suspected that I would encounter "some" rain at some point since my scheduled 11.5K usually takes me over an hour to run.

Quick side note: I thought it was unusual for me to be scheduled for an 11.5K today - the only other time I have had one scheduled was the same weekend as my Run for Retina 10K. It was a one-off transitional LSD between all the 10K runs I had been running and the 13Ks I am now scheduled for on weekends. I actually double-checked my book to make sure I had it correct. I did. :)

The boys and I headed to Springbank Park today for a run. We walked to warm-up as usual before starting on our way. Sadly, we had not run 3K before the heavens opened up and poured. It didn't just rain, it poured and poured. My eyes were blinking rapidly like windshield wipers just to be able to see, and the dogs were shaking the wet off them every few feet. Even if we had had cover nearby, it wouldn't have helped as the downpour occurred suddenly within a blink of an eye. I was hooped (!!), so similar to last weekend's run with so many puddles and my 13K in the rain a few weeks ago, I acquiesced to the wet early on and ran with it ... literally! :)

I consider myself lucky that it was a decent temperature outside. If it had been colder, it truly would have *sucked* to keep running. :(

Probably the funniest part of this experience was encountering all the other people caught in the downpour. There were a few walkers (with umbrellas) and several cyclists, who smiled and waved back at me in acknowledgement of our *nutty* status for being out there, soaked to the bone.

The downpour did not let up for another 3k, at which point it "slowed" to a regular rainfall. There were quite a few puddles to run through, and my new running shoes were inaugurated into squeaking messes within 24 hours of their purchase. :( I was a little concerned for my Garmin as well as I was wearing a short-sleeved tech-t so it bore the full brunt of the rain, too (it's okay).

And as it would happen, by the time I reached the end of my run, the rain let up and as a soaked rat, I completed my after run stretches in cloud cover without rain. That hot shower when I arrived home was wooooooonderful. :)

My Kundalini yoga class was cancelled last Friday night due to Good Friday so it's been a week since I last did yoga. In tonight's class, we focused on connecting to our psyche through our spine. It was very interesting and the exercises using our arms and core to open up our rib cage were just excellent. I think I might be a little sore tomorrow as my muscles had such a great workout! My instructor is filling in for another yoga instructor at the other/south club for the next four weeks on Thursdays so she invited her regulars to join her there with a promise that she will incorporate some Kundalini yoga into this "regular" class. I would like to go. I feel great after these sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays so an additional class with Judy sounds good to me!

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