Monday, April 4, 2011

Wk6/D1 - 8K Easy Run

8K @57:48; Pace 7:13/km

1. This picture is a photo I took last December just before the onslaught of snow. This is the running path between UWO/Western campus and Gibbons Park. I have run out there only once so far this year, but now that the ice on the paths have finally melted, I will be heading in this direction more often.

2. I added a new feature to my blog ... email notification when a new post is published. I use this for two of the blogs that I follow, and I really like it - a new post is emailed to me rather than checking in on the blog itself for updates. For anyone who checks in on this site regularly, you might find it convenient, too. :) As far as I am aware, it's private, as in your email address will not be used by for evil purposes, or else I wouldn't make an option.

3. I changed my Page Tabs at the top of the Home Page, and added another page. I learned over the weekend how to post a PDF document on my blog so I have now posted my February - June 2011 calendar so you can see my running schedule for the next few months. I am nearly finished my anticipated half marathon training schedule for June - November 2011 so I will post this calendar within the next day or two. I did this last year as well, and it really works for me. I tweak it along the way, based on my actual results, but I was quite pleased to see how, by sticking to my schedule, I was able to complete most of my goals (until December). Because I want to compete in so many local and southwestern Ontario weekend races, I need to schedule them in first, figure out what training programs are do-able/realistic for my level of running, and then plug this into the schedule, making wise alterations along the way. I am sharing it with you in case you are interested and want to compare running schedule notes. :)

4. I did not join until May of last year so my stats from March 2010 were not easily available at the time I posted my March 2011 Totals. However, I have since logged into my Garmin history to take a look, and WOW! Check this out!!!!

March 2010 - 15K total (4 separate runs)
March 2011 - 145.8K total

Pretty wild, eh? :) :) I was shocked! I thought my March running was better last year than that. I also indicated at the time that it was walk/running (2 days with three dogs!), and I read that there was a day in early April when I made note of the fact that I ran a 6K without walking. :) I really am trying my best not to compare my running level to anyone else, instead choosing to compare me to me, thus recognizing how far I have come in the last year. :) One of the reasons why I keep a blog account of my running. :)

5. How about actually blogging about today's run? :) It went very well. I set out to do a very easy run. I re-read my PR training book on the weekend, which emphasizes how important it is to do my recovery runs easy so today I chose easy, laid back music to listen to, and coached myself mentally just to enjoy the run. It also helped that I started my run facing a westerly wind so even if I was in the mood to run at a faster pace, I really would not have been able to! :) I feel like I had a double workout today - resistance training with the wind while running my 8K. :) Angus and Wallace joined me, and to my surprise, Angus was very sluggish. He was out of my peripheral vision for most of the run, so much so that a few times, I turned to my left to make sure I had a dog still connected to my water belt! He must still be tired from Saturday's outing to the woods. Wallace and I are acutely feeling the loss of Kim; we are both grieving, but going on with life.

No fitness club today. Ben is leaving tomorrow for Texas, but came home early from work sick (he never does that). Our regular date had to be cancelled, and I wasn't leaving him alone at home on our last evening together. Perhaps this is just as well because my body was not feeling too athletic today so I wasn't in the mood to top off my run with some evening yoga. It has been a few weeks since I have attended an Abs+ class so I try to work this into my schedule tomorrow night. :)

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  1. Great Positive attitude here, compare your self to only you is a good thing. I do however use others paces as motivation to push a little harder. You are the only one who you need to improve on.