Revised Blog Manifesto (January 2011)

Revised Blog Manifesto --- I am going to run a marathon someday. In 2009, I literally got up off the couch, started to walk/run using a beginner program, and worked my way through several 5K races before making my last race of the year my first 10K race. In 2010, I ran in 15 local races of various distances, with lucky Race #13 being a half marathon in October in Niagara Falls. I achieved the goal I set for myself for the year, and it was amazing to accomplish it!
When I created this blog, I originally set a goal of following up on this half marathon by running in the full marathon in Niagara Falls in 2011. However, after I completed my half marathon, I realized that I did not want to start pursuing a full marathon right away; instead, I wanted to run another half marathon faster! Therefore, after significant consideration, I have decided to postpone my goal of running a full marathon because my desire to become faster (significantly improving my running pace), to improve my health (changing my lifestyle) and to become more physically fit than ever before have greater priority. And this is who I want to be when I cross the finish line in my first marathon in 2012 - a fasterhealthier, and fitter me!