Thursday, September 30, 2010


From John Stanton's, "Running" (page 385)

This is the time to think of maintaining the level of performance your body has reached as an athlete. The key to maintaining your level of fitness is a maintenance program while you contemplate a new goal.

For the 10K racer, keep your long run in the 8K range and use your new level of fitness to run some fast 5Ks. Your base training is in place, and you can use 5K races to improve your overall self-assurance and speed.

Half marathon runners can schedule a long run of 12K to maintain their endurance. The half marathon runner on the off weekends can schedule some 10K races to work on strength, speed and self-confidence.

How often can we race?

From John Stanton's, "Running" (page 379)

For the most part, the longer the race, the greater the stress endured by the runner. For the trained runner, the rule of one day recovery for every kilometre raced is an intelligent guide. A 5K requires one week's recovery; a 10K racers can expect to run one every other weekend; half marathons one every two or three weeks; and full marathons one every month or two.

Your recovery time will be dependent on the intensity at which you race. The faster you race, the more recovery you will require.

Monthly Review - SEPTEMBER 2010

146.8 km TOTAL

18 hours 58 minutes TOTAL

6 1/2K instead of 9K, but that's okay ...

7:40 min/km

I slept in this morning and was soooo not feeling it when I got up this morning, but I forced myself out the door because I knew I would feel worse about not getting out. I actually felt a little stiff in the last few days because of my 12K and I have been thinking that I really should cut back on this week's mileage because I am running a 10K race this week i.e. I should be scaling back in preparation for it rather than trying to catch up on mileage for half marathon training. therefore, when I did head out the door with Kim, I took it easy and by the time I hit 4K, I knew 9K really was not feasible so I cut myself off at 6 1/2K. I am also going to take tomorrow off (I usually don't run on Fridays anyway), and I will head out for an easy 5K on Saturday as a warm-up to my 10K race on Sunday. Although sluggish, it ended up being a better run than expected and I am so glad I didn't waste a great morning for running!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

12K !!!!!!! I am thrilled!!!!

Pace 7:34 min/km

Look at that pace! I ran 12K at that pace without stopping! I have never done this before.

If you take a look at some previous posts (in particular, July 11, July 25 & Aug. 14), you will understand why I am so thrilled today. Back in July is when I started having problems with every run longer than 10K - I was struggling. This is why I found most of the training programs I was looking at confusing because they all ASSUME that the runner can add 1-2K or 1 mile EVERY week to the long run minimum, but I couldn't understand why I had to keep adding mileage when I had clearly hit a wall. I had the same experience in the 10K running club last year. Very frustrating. I have learned since then through my reading from various sources that this is NOT uncommon, and why many trainers insist you need to listen to your body. When you look back at my long run posts, you can see that I was not progressing "according to schedule" and the only way I got over this hump was by starting a 10:1 run/walk method for the long runs.

So this brings me to today, when I was simultaneously excited and overwhelmed by the idea of running 12K on a weekday as a training run when I have yet to run 12K without walking. To not only complete it by running it the way I do with my regular runs, but at the same pace, is just thrilling!

And thank goodness for this blog and previous posts because I have a record of how I was feeling and now, of how I persevered! :) :)

To address my lack of runs so far this week since my 18K long run ... I was scheduled for a 2 day rest and an 8K yesterday. However, it literally poured all morning and afternoon so I was unable to get outside for a run. Not a drizzly rain that some people can run in - a full on downpour that soaked anyone who walked a block or more. I am scheduled to be off tomorrow but will likely run 8K tomorrow, and run on my scheduled day off Saturday in order to meet my mileage goals for the week.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

IT'S OFFICIAL !!!!!!!!


$90+ later (including the bus and taxes), I am REALLY doing it! :) :) :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Week NINE - Half Marathon Training - Sept. 27-Oct.3

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 8K
Wednesday - 12K
Thursday - OFF
Friday - 9K
Saturday - OFF

Total = 39K

Saturday, September 25, 2010

18K :):):):):)

Pace 7:38 min/km

Very very very happy. :)

First, I decided Friday a.m. after a very poor night of sleep that I would not run. I had been planning to try to catch up on the days of running I had missed, but hesitated because of my scheduled long run on Saturday (today). What was more important to me - getting the mileage in for the week or doing well in my 18K? My lack of sleep helped to determine this for me. :(

It turns out that this was likely the best decision for me as I ran 18K today and it went very very well! ALL my splits except for the 16K were in the 7:30 min/km zone which really excites me! I ran with Kim and Wallace, who were great running partners, and the weather was perfect for running (10 degrees C, overcast). I ran into some issues with an ALS Walk in the park - the very large group of walkers blocked the majority of the footpath so I spent a great deal of time stop/starting at one point and running on grass/dirt along the side of the path in order to get around the walkers. In an odd sense, this might have helped me run better, in that I was concentrating so much on getting around everyone, I did not concentrate on my pace or my running much.

I think I am surprised to see that, even with the minute of walking every ten minutes, my pace is still comparable to my running pace in shorter runs. It is feeding my secretive hope that maybe I can run my first half marathon closer to 2:30 than not. I am still fascinated by how long 18K is - it blows me away that I am running all the way to Springbank Park (Byron), all the way around it, and then all the way out to Gibbons Park (North London). Wow wow wow. :) :) :)

I need to register by this Wednesday for the Niagara Falls half marathon if I REALLY am going to do it. Ben is gone for the weekend, but this is something we will need to discuss tomorrow after he gets back. :)

It helps that when I woke up this morning and put my running clothes, I suddenly noticed in the bathroom mirror how my hips have shrunk! :) :) I thought that it bode well for my long run.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

10K ... a little late!

Pace 7:33 min/km

Guess who has been a bad runner this week?

Life (specifically school assignments) got in the way of running this week. I was up late a few nights and as a result, slept in rather than going for early morning runs. I made it out today with Kim and I am intending to make up for another missed 10K tomorrow morning. This will leave me 8K short for the week unless I go out Sunday, which might be pushing it since I have 18K scheduled for Saturday!

Kim went with me today and he was a superstar running partner. I had to stop at one point to pick up a soft poop (yuck!) and then had to run with it until I found a public garbage can (double yucky!). He stayed the course, in spite of barky dogs and tempting squirrels so he's my guy! :)

This is what I thought about while running this morning. I "usually" run 4 times per week. Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday are my days off. My sister is currently running 6 days a week on her new program with an optional second day off. I am not half as fit as my sister. I have been sticking to my plan because I feared over-training and hurting myself when I am in the process of losing weight and getting more fit. I hesitate running 6 days a week.

However, I have been leaning toward adding another day. Most programs have scheduled runs 5 days per week and my program was one of the few which had 4 days per week. I find it harder to get out to run after a day of rest and I am wondering if I might be more prone to stick to my training program is I added another day. I would rather add one day now and then, if I decide to follow this PR-prescribed training program, add a 6th day then.

It is suggested that we all exercise 6 days per week with one day off "officially" as a full rest day. I already run at a much slower, easier pace so I am thinking that adding another day is an additional fat burning workout of 45-70 minutes ... I will look at my schedule and see ....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

WEEK EIGHT Half Marathon Training - Sept. 20-26

Monday - 10K
Tuesday - OFF
Wednesday - 10K
Thursday - 8K
Friday - OFF
Saturday - LONG RUN 18K
Sunday - OFF

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My First 17K Ever! :)

Pace 8:01 min/km

The neat thing about all my posts for the next little while is that they will be a collection of firsts ... every weekend, by adding an additional K to my long run, means running another first! :) Very cool and I want to enjoy this aspect of my training.

I slept very poorly last night. We have company and gave them the master suite so we were in the basement room. First, we got to bed late. Second, my dog, Wallace, started baying @ 1:30 a.m. and I awoke in time to see someone's feet go by the basement window! Ben ran outside ready to catch the thief/vandal, but as it turns out, it was our neighbour. Her dog, Ralphie, the blood brother to Wallace, slipped by her at the door and decided to run over here to visit his brother! Credit to her for admitting it to Ben rather than remaining quiet about it. Unfortunately, we slept poorly for the remaining hours before Ben got up @ 4:30 a.m. to go hunting. I was so tired and wanted to stay in bed when my alarm went off, but my mom was aware that I had planned to get up @ 6:30 a.m. so guess who was tapping on the floor above my head as a friendly way to ensure I got up?!?!

So, in spite of my exhaustion, I went for my long run. My BIL dropped me off at one end of the city, the start of the Thames Valley trail, and I ran all the way downtown before taking another route by heading out to and past the University before returning home. 17K - wow! The last 1-1/2K were tough, but otherwise, I did okay! I honestly think the 10:1 run/walk is helping because it does a great job of breaking the run down into sections to concentrate on (i.e. I listen to two songs and concentrate on when I am going to hear my 1:00 minute lullaby denoting walk time rather than dwelling on how many K I have left).

I FINALLY remembered to bring my Starbucks Coffee card with me this time, but funnily enough, I was not in a mood for a coffee by the time I finished my run! :( I did use up all my water so I did buy a bottled water for my walk home.

Did you know that it is suggested that one does NOT stretch after a long run? My sister told me this and it makes good sense - I have naturally NOT stretched after my long runs, instead choosing to walk steadily for a longer period of time. When I told my sister I was doing this, she told me that it was the best thing to do. Karen is using a new training program for her upcoming half marathon (her third) and it is designed to help her break her current PR. She is really liking it, and sees a big improvement in her running. I am considering trying it for myself but will write about it in a separate post.

Next weekend - 18K !!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ran 8K Instead of 9K BUT Still Good on Me! :)

Pace 7:48 min/km

I feel like I should explain my pace. I actually had a half decent pace (for me) in the 7:20-7:30 zone. I checked my splits and I was good right until the last K which was done in 9:25 because I walked two hills and for the last 10m before turning the Garmin off! LOL!

Today it was POURING when I woke up and it kept raining and raining and raining all morning. I was thinking, bummer! After yesterday's run, I was actually looking forward to my 9K today see if I was moving past the mental block I wrote about earlier. At noon, the electricity went out on our street so NOTHING would work in the house - lights, oven, TV, computer, etc. There was nothing else to do BUT put on my running shoes and head out the door!

No dogs again - I am uptight about a course assignment that was due today that I was working on when the electricity went out (grrrrrrrr) so I knew I would be sensitive and grumpy with any misbehaviour so it was better to leave them at home. My run felt so sluggish and I made the mistake of wearing my running jacket because of the rain when I should have left it at home because I was soaked with my own sweat inside the jacket by the end of my run - yuck! I knew by the 5K mark that there was no runner's high or burst of energy that was going to kick in so I started chanting a little mantra to myself - get as close to 9K as you can, get as close to 9K as you can ... I also had remembered to take my Starbucks money card with me so that I could treat myself for the first time by getting coffee there on my walk home (my 9K path ends just behind the closest *$'s to my house and I never remember to bring money with me for coffee!). It made me smile to think that my motivation was coffee!

So that was my run - proud to get out in the middle of the day to run after all the rain when first thing in the morning is my best time. Proud that I persevered after feeling sluggish for the whole run. Proud that I made it to 8K when I wanted to stop at 4K ... and 5K ... and 6K ... and 7K ... !! Probably would not have gone running at all if I didn't have that great run yesterday.

And I have a music update! Picked up a new 5th generation iPod Shuffle from Best Buy yesterday - a silver with black one. Loving it so far, but the voice over voice is very odd!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great 10K Today!

Pace 7:25 min/km

I am one happy camper about my run today! :)

It was a gorgeous sunny morning, but cool - 6 degrees C. I still wore shorts and a tech T, knowing that a 10K would warm me up (and it helps to have a baseball cap on, too!). I decided to go solo - I am not sure why, but I just felt like being by myself so all the mutts stayed home ... much to their displeasure because they rush to the door when they see my running clothes on, just hoping that they will be chosen to go along - pick me! pick me! :)

I sometimes wonder about my Garmin's accuracy because there are times when I look at the speed and know without a doubt that the speed it says I am going is inaccurate. I wonder what the time difference is between relaying the information to the satellite and back again because this might account for the "inaccuracy" I am seeing ...

Anyway (I use this word too often in my blog posts!), the run was steady and consistent - I felt strong throughout most of it, and I was stricter with myself for picking up the pace when I saw that I had slowed down. Today's time matches my 10K Embro race time so I am very pleased. I did not feel as strong in that race as I did today - maybe a combination of cooler weather and slightly improved running ability? :) Other runners and walkers seemed happier, too - they were quicker to say hello today and I even had one fellow say, "see you tomorrow morning!" as I ran by him a second time. My music was just right - upbeat when I needed a little more boost - and the "breeze-less" temperature was just right. You can tell by my upbeat post that I have a runner's high at the moment!

When I was running, I was thinking about why I seem to have hit this mental wall on weekly run mileage. A goal of mine since March has been to improve my running to the point that I am running for ~1 hour on average (9-10K). However, now that I am in that zone and my training schedule calls for 8K - 11K runs during the week, I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the mileage. I am wondering it this is because I haven't wrapped my head around the fact that the 10K is no longer my "long run". Or maybe because it doesn't feel as "easy" as a 6K or 7K. I am hoping that today's run, and a few more like it, will help me get past this mental block.

A note on my music ... I bought a new iPod Shuffle over a year ago - it was one of the last 3rd generation shuffles available for sale. I got it wet at the dog park over the winter and it stopped working. I put it aside with the hope that it would dry out and work again eventually. When I couldn't get a new one like it anymore, I found a used one online and bought it (my sister got a 4th generation Shuffle and I disliked it - the volume and voice over feature on the headphones really did not appeal to me). This Shuffle worked well until a week ago when I got it wet while running! :( I pulled out my original Shuffle and it works ... as long as I do not turn it off! I have been making due with it but lucky for me, the new 5th generation Shuffles are coming out this week, and Apple has returned them to the 3rd generation design (woo hoo!) with some improvements so I will snag one as soon as they hit the shelves. I only use the iPod Shuffle for listening to music while walking the dogs and when running so the more minimalist the iPod, the better. :)

On another unrelated note ... I "feel" lighter today which may be contributing to my better mood. I also noticed in the mirror while getting dressed how much better my shoulders are looking - significantly less fat and more definition. I know that I need to concentrate more on what is going in my mouth. Although I am eating much healthier, clearly I am lacking a better understanding of portion control! I don't want to lose weight fast; it crept onto me slowly and I want to reduce my weight healthily by doing it slowly. I am just feeling a bit discouraged because it is coming off a little too slowly, and as great as it is to see it come off my face, waist and shoulders, a reduction in the area above my knees and below my waistline would be better appreciated !! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

7K instead of 9K but that's okay ...!

Pace 7:28 min/km

I was supposed to run 9K but as most of my posts for the last week will attest, I am tweaking (ignoring?) my training schedule. It was a tough 7K; I felt tired and sluggish so I am surprised to see that my splits are all even paced in the 7:30 zone. I knew once I started running that I was not going to make it to 9K but I mentally patted my back for getting out there nevertheless for a run, especially when I had a short night of sleep, and even after setting my new goal for "6K", continuing to run to the 7K mark (but REALLY feeling it by then!).

Looking forward to my day of rest tomorrow. I have two longer runs this week before another day of rest before my big day - 17K on the schedule for this week and I have already figured out an optional new trail using the other half of the Thames Valley Trail I rarely use. I am simultaneously feeling excited and uptight about it.

I ran with Kim and Wallace again - they are the best running partners! I think I will take two dogs instead of one with me from now on as it seems to be working. Killing two birds with one stone - no need to exercise the dogs after my run when I can do it at the same time!

My sister, the excellent amateur photographer, is coming this weekend, so I am going to ask her to take some pictures for posting on this blog to make it a little less sterile-looking. :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SPRINGBANK ROAD RACE 5K - London Honda Series

Pace 6:56 min/km

A very good day!

I did not set a new PR, but after my 9K run yesterday, I was not expecting this. I was secretly hoping to crack 33 minutes, but I did not pressure myself or make the focused effort to accomplish this so it is what it is - just over 34 minutes. My Garmin told me that my time was 34:04 so there's 11 seconds to debate! :)

I took a cab today because my Sweetheart needed the vehicle and I rolled up just in time to cheer the half marathoners on from their starting line. There were just over 300 participants. I can see myself doing this half marathon in the future, but after doing my first half marathon 7 years ago in Vancouver, I really want my new & improved "first" half marathon to be at a big city venue again. I do not think its easy to run this half marathon with a route cluttered by recreational runners, cyclists and elderly people strolling. I felt bad seeing how the slower runners (i.e. the ones who were more scattered from the running bulge) were not receiving the "right of way" respect I feel they deserved. I found it demoralizing and I wasn't even in the half marathon! :) Also, the one group of runners appeared to be "slow" since they were far behind the bulge of fellow half marathon runners, but when I checked their results later in the day, this group actually ran their half marathon race in ~2:20, very respectable! Faster than MY predicted time next month so it goes to show how it "looks" with only 300 running versus 1000+. It cemented my feeling that aiming for a large city event is the best course of action for me.

I ran behind two runners in particular and followed their pace while keeping an eye on my Garmin. It is hard to say if this was a factor in my slower pace than I originally aimed for, or, since I was already tired from the 9K the day before, it was just easier to follow them then to push it. The one runner eventually pulled ahead - she set a good pace at the beginning, very steady, and then seemed to gain steam in the last 2K. Kudos to her. The second runner, however, slowed down and I felt bad passing her after I had used her as a pace bunny for the run so I made sure to thank her for setting a good pace as I ran beside her. I was kind of hoping that she would match my pace and keep up with me to the finish line, but she was clearly tired and sticking to her slower pace. At one point, an older woman passed me, I think at the 3 1/2K mark, but by the 4K mark, I passed her as she, too, seemed to be running out of steam. I felt steady and strong for the duration, even though I did not not push my pace to go faster. And yes, I feel good in the grand scheme of things when I can pass several runners in the last few K, making me feel good about my resolve to stick to a steady pace right from the start when everyone else is running ahead of me (and something that has yet to happen in a 10K race - oy!).

I was across the finish line and had passed through the food and beverage line before watching the winner of the half marathon cross the line in a record breaking 1:09. He looked beautiful and very strong as he crossed the finish line. A fellow runner/friend later told me that she saw him run so much further ahead in the first loop, and had wondered if he knew he was in a half?!?! Apparently he was ahead the entire time by a large margin. Isn't he good looking?, she gushed to me. :) :) And yes, he was eye candy! :) :) The second place finisher crossed one minute later, but looked as if he were about to die. Stark difference! And the third place, etc. winners were 5 minutes later than this! Incredible.

However, after all this race stuff, I am even MORE proud of myself for walking/running the 5K+ HOME from the park after the race. My average pace was ~9 min/km which proves I went faster than a walk at times, but that I did walk for periods inbetween running. I have had a haphazard week of training so "making it up" by adding this to my shorter actual training mileage made me feel much better! :) I am going to do my best to be stricter about sticking to my planned schedule from now on. I have a 9K scheduled for tomorrow. This was planned before last week's edits so I do not think it is "doable" but I am going to force myself out there tomorrow and run for as much as I can in order to get back on track.

WEEK SEVEN Half Marathon Training - Sept. 13 to 19

Monday 9K
Tuesday OFF
Wednesday 10K
Thursday 9K
Friday OFF
Saturday LONG RUN 17K
Sunday OFF (will likely be cycling the 17K route as an escort for my sister who is in town and will be running 16.1 K that day)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today I Ran a Good 9K ...

Pace 7:28 min/km

Well, I wasn't supposed to run today - it was a scheduled day off - but I really really did not feel like running a third day in a row on Friday so I switched the days. And then I told myself to go for a short run because "ideally" you are not supposed to run the day before a race. However, it seems as if my inner child has taken control, as in "tell me what to do and I will do the opposite." :) It was a terrific morning weather-wise for running, and after running in so many bloody humid mornings this summer, it feels like a waste if I do not get a run in on a perfect running-weather day ...

It is also because, as I was running with TWO dogs (Kim and Wallace who made me proud with their good behaviour and perfect running pace), I asked myself what was more important - a great time tomorrow in a 5K race I have done twice before, or the half marathon coming up. You see, I have noticed a distinct change in the last month with my running. I feel resistant when it is a day when the scheduled run is in the 9K+ range. I was supposed to do a 9K, 10K and 11K this past week alone, and although I ran, I didn't go for the scheduled mileage. Even today when I completed my 9K "well" (splits were consistent; I felt good for the majority of it), I asked myself why I have this mental block for going for a 10K or an 11K. I'm not sure why that is.

Also, I wonder if I am feeling a little "lazy" about my half marathon training runs is because I do not have a PR to beat. Well, I guess that's not true in a sense because I DO have one half marathon under my belt. However, I walked for most of my half marathon back in 2003 and with the new run/walk method I have recently employed, I am going to 'break" that PR for sure (barring any on-route problems). Maybe it is because I realized that 2:30 is not realistic for me after all at this point, and as a result, I have stopped "pushing" myself, accepting that a 2:40 - 2:45 time is more realistic.

It may also have to do with the fact that I am losing weight so slowly. My weight loss is proving to be very stubborn, in spite of the km I am logging, and watching what I eat I think I would feel more motivated if I had lost minimally one size this summer, and was running at in the 6:45 min/km pace zone. I am stuck, it seems, in the 7:15-7:45 min/km zone ... from this perspective, all this running work hasn't done much for me ...

Anyway, what at first was going to be a 6K easy turned into an 8K turned into a what-the-heck 9K. I am VERY pleased with my 9K but the "cost" of doing this today may be a slower 5K tomorrow.

We'll see!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

6K instead of Scheduled 8K

Pace 7:09 min/km

Okay, I was supposed to run 8K today, but mentally, I was not feeling it. I think I might have hit a little wall mentally here ... however, what I lost in mileage I made up for in speed - 7:09. That's the fastest pace I have run since my 5K race in Bayfield in June! So! I shall celebrate how I have inched closer to cracking 7 min/km in a training run rather than beating myself up for talking myself out of an 8K.

I took both Kim and Wallace with me - Ben had Angus and I felt guilty about leaving one dog behind at the house! :) It turns out that they both ran very well with me, and I may try doing this again on the weekend. Squirrels are a little bit of a challenge, but the running and stern warnings from me seem to be doing the trick.

I am pleased about this run. I ran a little faster, determined to beat my running time yesterday. I honestly think that, for me, the second run after a rest day is always better.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Measly 6K

Pace 7:32 min/km

I am not feeling very proud of myself. After running a great 16K on Saturday, I gave myself THREE days off instead of running a scheduled 9K Monday, which is messing up my schedule and training mileage for the week before it has barely begun! :( Maybe the 16K left me a little too confident that I am not pushing myself? It also has to do with the fact that I had a work deadline and I was feeling very stressed about it - I was up all night working Monday so no run was going to happen Tuesday - but isn't that supposed to be the point about running? That it is a good stress reliever?!?!

I was still uptight when I went for this run, I didn't bring any dogs with me. I went on my own. And to add to my frustration, my Ipod Shuffle would not work - I am not sure if it is hooped because it got a little wet on the weekend when I was using it, or if it didn't charge properly. Suffice it to say that I am proud of running without it (a first) and doing as well as I did without it, but boy! do I miss the beats and favourite songs that come on and give me an energetic boost when I need it!! MUST look into getting a new Ipod Shuffle ... the 5th generation ones are being advertised so maybe the Mac Outlet has them for sale now?

Got to get over this increased mileage problem ...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

WEEK SIX Half Marathon Training - Sept. 6 to 12

Monday 9K
Tuesday OFF
Wednesday 10K
Thursday 8K
Friday 11K
Saturday OFF
Sunday 5K RACE

Total Week = 43K

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Figuring Out My Half Marathon Time ...

21.1 Km

Q: Can I do this in 2:30?
A: No. Most likely 1/2 marathon time will be between 2:40 & 2:45.

2:30 = 7:00 min pace
2:35 = 7:15 min pace
2:40 = 7:30 min pace
2:45 = 7:43 min pace

5 X 1/2 hour increments

4.2K per 1/2 hour

16K !!!! I DID IT !!!!

Pace 7:56 min/km

I am ECSTATIC! After a tough and lousy week of running, it ended with a bang. :) I completed my first ever 16K run and it went swimmingly well! I used my music again to denote when it was 10 minutes of running and when it was 1 minute of walking - this worked VERY well. I am lucky to have figured this out for myself. Having the Garmin "free" to watch my pace and time makes me a better runner.

By the 4K mark, I was having to hold myself back - I felt like running at top speed and it took discipline to slow myself right down, knowing that as good as it felt at that moment, I would regret it later. Looking at my splits, I can see where I started to slowing down, feeling a little tired (over 8 min pace), and when I was feeling a surge of energy. I did find the last 2K more challenging but I was not "whipped" by this point. If anything, I felt like I could have pushed myself more.

I am definitely a fan of the 10:1 method now. This the second successful long distance I have been able to run and feel confident at the end that I can complete a half marathon. It makes all the difference to me to concentrate on ~2 songs and then to have my minute-long slow song act as a reminder to walk. Even though the minute walks feel like mere seconds, they seem to do the trick for giving me enough rest for the next 10 minute interval. And, darn it, I feel good for the rest of the afternoon instead of ravaged!

It does help that today the temperature had dropped significantly and that there was no humidity. In fact, I contemplated wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants because I felt chilled when standing outside in my shorts and new favourite running shirt (thank you, Harvest Run!). I am glad that I didn't, and I think wearing my baseball cap for the first time in awhile kept enough body warmth that I needed.

I HAVE to remember a run like this during the runs I have similar to earlier this week. Perseverance!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Pace 7:43 min/km

It took self-will to get out this a.m. I usually do not run on Fridays, but I have been tweaking my schedule based on my "sad" 5K run instead of 11K the other day. I was hoping to do 6K, really felt crappy at 4K, and then felt some renewal at the 5K mark so I kept going for another 1/2.

Kim went with me today and he sure loves running with Mommy! :)

- at least I got out there even though I was not in the mood.
- at least I kept going and even after committing to 5K, added on another .5K
- at least Kim got a workout today

Mentally preparing for 16K tomorrow. I usually rest the day before but given the circumstances of this week, I am going to try doing it after an easy run this morning.

I learned two weeks NOT to eat a whole bagel an hour before a long run, but only half instead. I am also having pasta this evening in an effort to healthily "carbo" load.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

11K Bomb - Ran 5K instead

Pace 9:02 min/km

I am feeling really lousy after this run. It was a crappy feeling run the whole time, and for the first time in a long time, I had to stop to walk. The weather was very humid and did not help, but I felt lousy. I am not sick - I was just not in running form. I do not know if this is residual from my race on Sunday, or if it just is what it is - a bad run.

I was supposed to run 11K today (had a new route mapped out, too!), and 6K tomorrow. I am going to take tomorrow off instead, and try to run 6K on Friday. Saturday looks like an ideal morning for running (no humidity, under 20 degrees C) so I have to stick to my planned 16K on that day or I will regret it.