Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Measly 6K

Pace 7:32 min/km

I am not feeling very proud of myself. After running a great 16K on Saturday, I gave myself THREE days off instead of running a scheduled 9K Monday, which is messing up my schedule and training mileage for the week before it has barely begun! :( Maybe the 16K left me a little too confident that I am not pushing myself? It also has to do with the fact that I had a work deadline and I was feeling very stressed about it - I was up all night working Monday so no run was going to happen Tuesday - but isn't that supposed to be the point about running? That it is a good stress reliever?!?!

I was still uptight when I went for this run, I didn't bring any dogs with me. I went on my own. And to add to my frustration, my Ipod Shuffle would not work - I am not sure if it is hooped because it got a little wet on the weekend when I was using it, or if it didn't charge properly. Suffice it to say that I am proud of running without it (a first) and doing as well as I did without it, but boy! do I miss the beats and favourite songs that come on and give me an energetic boost when I need it!! MUST look into getting a new Ipod Shuffle ... the 5th generation ones are being advertised so maybe the Mac Outlet has them for sale now?

Got to get over this increased mileage problem ...

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