Wednesday, September 29, 2010

12K !!!!!!! I am thrilled!!!!

Pace 7:34 min/km

Look at that pace! I ran 12K at that pace without stopping! I have never done this before.

If you take a look at some previous posts (in particular, July 11, July 25 & Aug. 14), you will understand why I am so thrilled today. Back in July is when I started having problems with every run longer than 10K - I was struggling. This is why I found most of the training programs I was looking at confusing because they all ASSUME that the runner can add 1-2K or 1 mile EVERY week to the long run minimum, but I couldn't understand why I had to keep adding mileage when I had clearly hit a wall. I had the same experience in the 10K running club last year. Very frustrating. I have learned since then through my reading from various sources that this is NOT uncommon, and why many trainers insist you need to listen to your body. When you look back at my long run posts, you can see that I was not progressing "according to schedule" and the only way I got over this hump was by starting a 10:1 run/walk method for the long runs.

So this brings me to today, when I was simultaneously excited and overwhelmed by the idea of running 12K on a weekday as a training run when I have yet to run 12K without walking. To not only complete it by running it the way I do with my regular runs, but at the same pace, is just thrilling!

And thank goodness for this blog and previous posts because I have a record of how I was feeling and now, of how I persevered! :) :)

To address my lack of runs so far this week since my 18K long run ... I was scheduled for a 2 day rest and an 8K yesterday. However, it literally poured all morning and afternoon so I was unable to get outside for a run. Not a drizzly rain that some people can run in - a full on downpour that soaked anyone who walked a block or more. I am scheduled to be off tomorrow but will likely run 8K tomorrow, and run on my scheduled day off Saturday in order to meet my mileage goals for the week.

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