Thursday, September 23, 2010

10K ... a little late!

Pace 7:33 min/km

Guess who has been a bad runner this week?

Life (specifically school assignments) got in the way of running this week. I was up late a few nights and as a result, slept in rather than going for early morning runs. I made it out today with Kim and I am intending to make up for another missed 10K tomorrow morning. This will leave me 8K short for the week unless I go out Sunday, which might be pushing it since I have 18K scheduled for Saturday!

Kim went with me today and he was a superstar running partner. I had to stop at one point to pick up a soft poop (yuck!) and then had to run with it until I found a public garbage can (double yucky!). He stayed the course, in spite of barky dogs and tempting squirrels so he's my guy! :)

This is what I thought about while running this morning. I "usually" run 4 times per week. Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday are my days off. My sister is currently running 6 days a week on her new program with an optional second day off. I am not half as fit as my sister. I have been sticking to my plan because I feared over-training and hurting myself when I am in the process of losing weight and getting more fit. I hesitate running 6 days a week.

However, I have been leaning toward adding another day. Most programs have scheduled runs 5 days per week and my program was one of the few which had 4 days per week. I find it harder to get out to run after a day of rest and I am wondering if I might be more prone to stick to my training program is I added another day. I would rather add one day now and then, if I decide to follow this PR-prescribed training program, add a 6th day then.

It is suggested that we all exercise 6 days per week with one day off "officially" as a full rest day. I already run at a much slower, easier pace so I am thinking that adding another day is an additional fat burning workout of 45-70 minutes ... I will look at my schedule and see ....

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