Thursday, September 30, 2010

6 1/2K instead of 9K, but that's okay ...

7:40 min/km

I slept in this morning and was soooo not feeling it when I got up this morning, but I forced myself out the door because I knew I would feel worse about not getting out. I actually felt a little stiff in the last few days because of my 12K and I have been thinking that I really should cut back on this week's mileage because I am running a 10K race this week i.e. I should be scaling back in preparation for it rather than trying to catch up on mileage for half marathon training. therefore, when I did head out the door with Kim, I took it easy and by the time I hit 4K, I knew 9K really was not feasible so I cut myself off at 6 1/2K. I am also going to take tomorrow off (I usually don't run on Fridays anyway), and I will head out for an easy 5K on Saturday as a warm-up to my 10K race on Sunday. Although sluggish, it ended up being a better run than expected and I am so glad I didn't waste a great morning for running!

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