Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wk6b/D1 - 6.5K + 6 striders

Pace 6:58/km

The footbridge in Gibbons Park. Photos have been uploaded to my post from Sunday if interested. :)

I restarted Week 6 Road Work today and succeeded at completing six striders for the first time - woo hoo!

Although my time above does not necessarily reflect this, my run was very good. I felt strong (taking Monday off must have helped), my shoulders were down and relaxed (no yoga since last Wednesday so surprising to me), and it was just a wonderful, gorgeous day to be out on a run. My striders were in the 5:30/km zone and it felt good; however, it looks like I slowed a little too much during recovery instead of returning to "normal" pace. It was like this when I did the 4 striders initially, too, and I am sure there will be some improvement after completing three weeks of this exercise.

I forgot about Tuneless Tuesday again. :( I remembered to leave my music at home last week (on the run that sucked so much!), but didn't remember until mid-run today. Taking Monday off from running threw me off. Next week!

Tomorrow I run a 10K with the boys, nice and easy. It promises to be another beautiful day. :)

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