Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monthly Review - APRIL 2011

159 km TOTAL

18:51:39 hours

This is my second highest total month mileage to date. :) I was 13.7+ km away from breaking my November 2010 record. :)

Due to my current training program, with significantly more hill work, tempo runs, and track work, etc., my May totals will be wonky and lower than this month's mileage. I run my goal 5K race in June and then I plan to take one week completely off from running before starting my half marathon training program. Therefore, it won't be until July (?) when I am in a position to set new mileage records.

But this is the best news of all ... I shaved my time when achieving more mileage:

September 2010: 18:58 hours to run 146.8 km
April 2011: 18:51 hours (7 minutes less) to run 159 km (12.2 km more)

Small, but still significant to me! :) :)

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