Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great 10K!

I did not know when I went out today that I was going to have such a great run! :) :)

It was a cooler, humidity-free morning again so I was happy to be going for a run. My dog, Kim, joined me today.

The first 2K were slow and it was taking me awhile to get warmed up. I was beginning to think by 3K that maybe I wouldn't do a 10K today because I wasn't feeling it. When I look at my split times, I can see how my time was slower, closer to the 8 min/km than to 7:30 for the first 3K, but then I started moving. And it felt good. I love running when I can zone out and think get lost in my thoughts. And when I started doing this, I knew I was going to have a good run.

I am also enjoying my updated music. It does make an impact on my running pace to have the right tunes playing while I run.

Anyway, it made me feel great that I was still feeling healthy and strong, and when I hit the 10K mark, I could have easily kept going, which made me feel even happier about my run. This is the first time I've experienced still having significant energy at the end of running a 10K. Thrilling! :) It makes me realize that all the training I have put in the last few months are paying off and that whether it is humid or not really does make a difference!

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