Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week 5/17 HM Training - Run #3 8K + 6 striders

Another good run. Woo hoo!

I headed out early this morning with both Angus and Wallace. The air did not feel as thick as it has lately so I was hoping for a good run together. Nevertheless, I was drenched with sweat by the time I reached home. Gone are the days when I could get away with wearing my running clothes a few times before they needed washing! Eek! :)

I like these shorter Saturday runs prior to Sunday LSDs. The nice thing about having a blog is tracking how I feel about runs, and I consistently prefer the short runs the day before a long run rather than after. Whereas other runners head out for a recovery run the day following an LSD, I prefer a rest day. Some runners prefer a rest day before a LSD, but I prefer a short, 'warm-up' run, especially when it follows a previous rest day.

I was running near the Springbank Community Centre (formerly the Guy Lombardo Museum) when I noticed the tailgate of a truck set up as a water station for runners again. I have been noticing this more of late; I don't recall seeing this in previous summers. I knew that if I was running around the park today (I will tomorrow), I would see another water station set up by the stone house. I am not sure what local running / marathon training group is doing this, but I think it's pretty cool. Because I am training for a half marathon by myself, it's with great interest that I watch the running groups train together. Some faces are familiar to me, too, either from running past them on the path or seeing them at local races. I have every intention of joining a full marathon training group when I am ready to make this step (probably with the Running Room because of their 10:1 running/walking method). I think I will need this camaraderie/support even more than I do now when training for such a long distance. As I was running by this particular water station by the community centre, the eye-candy guy setting it up called out to me and asked if I wanted some water: "I'm good but thanks for asking!" I called back as Wallace, Angus and I ran by. I didn't expect this generosity, but it was sweet gesture on his part to include me for a few seconds. :)

I had run ~ 3 1/2 km before I remembered that I was supposed to be including 6 striders today. Ooops! Good thing I didn't forget! Once again, this made my run pass by more quickly because I was focused on keeping track of my strider count and determining when to start/stop my next one. Because I have my Garmin set to 'Distance' only, I have no idea what pace I was at during my striders - all I know is that it didn't feel as fast as I could go (too hot and humid out), but it was enough to make my breathing harder by the end of it and to need a little time to recover from it without burning me out. My striders on the treadmill last Thursday felt much easier than the ones today!

And speaking of the treadmill, I knew that I had saved a link from on how to make the treadmill less boring! I looked for it last night and here it is.

I made it to Kundalini yoga last night and it was awesome! I really missed it. :( I am planning to ask my instructor next week about audio/DVDs she would recommend. I feel the difference so much in my runs following yoga that I would like to try doing yoga on Tuesday and Saturday evenings, when possible, since there are no yoga classes offered then. If anything, I would like to do a yoga session on the Saturday night before my races. :)


  1. Nice run and great thing about the water station. You should find out and send them Kudos as it is such a great thing.

    Glad you are getting the runs in early to avoid the heat and humidity, For both your self and the boys.

  2. Good idea, Runnerbill! I should ask the next time I see them. The boys have not run this week - it was the first time out running in days. Too long for Angus tomorrow. :(